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Review: Hurt Me So Good

My beloved Sister might be just a tad biased ::ahem:: but she has some lovely things to say about Victor:

See, it’s not just about the “kink”. It’s not even about the sex. It’s about what two people need. It’s about trusting their partner to provide that need. It’s about two people finding their perfect match and then fighting for that perfection.

If I had a rating system, this one would be off the charts. Not just because it’s excellent reading with snappy (occasionally blush-worthy) dialogue, killer setting, and smokin-hot romance, but because it… I dunno… shows that you don’t have to be damaged in some way to want this lifestyle.

This is really important to me, and it’s important to Victor, which is why he chose to start VCONN, an erotic cable channel dedicated to BDSM lifestyles.  Sadist can have so many negative connotations, usually applied to perverted villains of the story who want to commit vile acts against the snowy pure heroine.  Victor is a sadist, but he’s not perverted and most definitely not the villain, but yeah, I guess he does want to do vile things to Shiloh…even though he feels terrible guilt at the same time.  The key, here, is that she wants him to do these painful things.

Thank you, Sis.  I love you!

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  2. *hugs*

    Your books are easy to write reviews about. The only hard part is not gushing for 16 pages. *snerk*

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