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Review: Hurt Me So Good

Mrs. Giggles reviews Victor and gives HMSG 83!

While I’m no expert on BDSM and therefore I cannot say for certain how accurate the author has been in the depiction of that lifestyle in this story, she manages to sell me the fantasy in a most believable and very intriguing manner. The psychology behind the use of the riding crop is fascinating, and the love scenes are erotic. The author also gets bonus points for a rather dignified treatment of the hero’s ex-sub without degrading her into merely another notch in the hero’s bedpost. The hero has control issues when it comes to being a Dom, and I have to admit I raised an eyebrow at that scene where he pleasured himself while whacking his thighs with the riding crop. But Ms Burkhart sells the whole deal to me nicely despite my unfamiliarity with the BDSM scene.

She does have concerns about the reality TV aspect, about whether insiders receiving the prizes is illegal or not.  There is no “million dollar prize” offered to the winner of ANTs — only the Master’s collar, if he chooses to give it.   It’s not a true reality show, but more of a parody of a reality show.  Too bad that part bothered her, but overall, she enjoyed the rest of the story, so yay!

Thank you, Mrs. Giggles!

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