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Revision Xibalba

Quetzls sang, warriors beat spears against their shields, and there was great rejoicing across the land, for the third (polish) pass of the Maya fantasy has been completed.

All of my [notes] have been answered.  All of my other notes I captured as I read through the third time have been answered.  I tied up a few nagging things that sagged a little too much — and the story reads pretty tight and fast, if I do say so myself.

Now I’ll e-mail the story to my beloved sis, my dear friend Wanda, and Soleil who volunteered once again to act as a beta reader.  I’ll also e-mail the story to myself.  It may sound odd, but I like to read a completed story in gmail using the view as html option.  Something about the changed formatting helps me see issues almost as well as on paper.  Once I gather their feedback and mine, I’ll print the sucker out and make one last pass on paper — but in a couple of weeks.  I want some time to clear my mind so I can read it a bit colder with more distance.

In the meantime, I’ll whip up a synopsis and decide which project is next.

2 thoughts on “Revision Xibalba

  1. Ahem, aren’t you forgetting someone? (someone who really needs to get to the post office, but still) :mrgreen:

  2. Ann, DOH! 😯 I thought you were busy with RT coming up! Check your inbox. :mrgreen: Thanks so much for your help!

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