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An Apocalyptic Giveaway

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about December 21st, 2012!  But since I used that idea in the Bloodgate books, it’s like a law or something that I celebrate the big day with a giveaway.

Assuming we’re all still here.  Bwahahaha!

In all seriousness, we turn our calendar “over” every year by buying a new one.  The Maya wheeled calendars are merely going back to the beginning — but probably not tomorrow since we really don’t have any idea (for sure) of which date to use to synchronize our calendar to theirs especially with leap years.  Honestly, they probably would have been more worried about the venus transit in June.

So to celebrate the big day, I’m offering:

  • An ecopy of The Bloodgate Guardian
  • An ecopy of The Bloodgate Warrior
  • Winner’s choice (print or electronic) of all four of Larissa Ione’s Lords of Deliverance Books.  Because nothing says apocalypse like The Four Horsemen!
  • A Maya-themed bookmark I cross-stitched.  (No picture available yet since I have to finish the backing, but it’ll be sent to the winner.)

To enter, simply comment on this post as many times as you want through midnight December 24th CST.  This contest is open to anyone on the planet.  Assuming it doesn’t blow up!

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Happy Birthday, Tecun

Today, THE BLOODGATE WARRIOR releases from Carina Press!  I’m in St. Paul, MN for a business trip this week, so I won’t be checking to approve comments, RT reviews, etc. until lunch or after work hours.  The link at Carina isn’t live yet, so I’ll come back tonight and update with that link.  (Here it is)

You know my love for mythology and legend.  While The Bloodgate Guardian was loosely based on the Twin mythlogy of Popol Vuh, Tecun came to me from Guatemalan history.  He faced Pedro de Alvarado–and impossible odds.  He stood, even though he knew he would fall, as so many other people had fallen to the Spanish conquistadors.

That’s why he’s the Guatemalan national hero.

Who better to stand against evil once more when the Bloodgate opens?

I’ll come back later with the official buy link at Carina, but here’s Amazon and B&N.  Like my fan page for another excerpt from Chapter Two.

Thank you to everyone who reads, tweets, or spreads the news for me about Tecun’s release today!

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Expanded Free Read: Bloodgate

Now available for free download at Smashwords, the short fantasy romance tale (7,600 words) “Well of Sky” has been expanded and renamed “Bloodgate” to help celebrate Tecun’s upcoming release.  This story will be available at Amazon too — I’ll update those links once the short story is available (and marked as free, which takes a little while).


As a child, Lady Jade Mirror was tossed into the Sacred Cenote to appease the gods.  She survived, but whatever message the gods gave her has been forgotten as she struggles to return to a normal life.   Now drought threatens to destroy the once-great city of Itza’s Well and an eclipse may claim the sun for all time.  Unless Lady Jade Mirror is willing to make the greatest sacrifice of all.

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Review: The Bloodgate Guardian

A Buckeye Girl Reads The Bloodgate Guardian and says some wonderful things:

When reading the book I felt like I really was on the dig with Jaid and was trying to figure out the mystery of what happened to her father with her. I loved how much information we got about the culture of the Mayans and that it wasn’t dumbed down. I felt like I was a Mayan expert right along with Jaid.  … The Bloodgate Guardian was just a refreshing read and I look forward to reading more by Joely Sue Burkhart.

Thank you so much!

Speaking of which, I’ve *got* to finish up The Bloodgate Warrior’s synopsis so I can get it out for consideration!

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Reviews: The Bloodgate Guardian

First up, Sherri Meyer reviews The Bloodgate Guardian on her blog:

Once again, Burkhart blew me away with her attention to detail, research, and amazing characters. She built a fully realized world seeped with Mayan mythos. She doesn’t burden the story with her research but weaves it within the plot seamlessly. A great twist on the “end date” stories out there.

Over on Amazon, Barbara Longley gave it 4 stars!

Joely Sue Burkhart’s Bloodgate Guardian is a must read. Ancient Mayan ruins, portals leading to other worlds, one hot Mayan priest cursed with immortality, and an intelligent, sexy archaeologist determined to rescue her father from Mayan hell. What’s not to love? Bloodgate Guardian is a fast paced, high tension romance set amidst the mythology and legend of the ancient Mayan civilization. Once you start it, you won’t be able to put it down.

Thank you so much, Barbara and Sherri!

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Review: The Bloodgate Guardian 4.5 Top Pick

PennyAsh for Night Owl Reviews gives The Bloodgate Guardian 4.5 stars and declares it a Top Pick!

The Bloodgate Guardian by Joely Sue Burkhart is a very good story with solid writing. The well-researched facts give the story credibility and make it an enjoyable read.   If you like stories with an archaeological basis and lots of myth and romance give this book a try.

Thank you so much, PennyAsh!

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Review: The Bloodgate Guardian

Nancy reviews THE BLOODGATE GUARDIAN at My Odd Little World:

This has an edge of your seat tension, and you spend much of the book holding your breath. The secondary characters are mostly demons and are unbelievably evil, but she uses her imagination to bring these beings to chilling reality. Yes, the loves scenes are few in number, but Ms. Burkhart uses her words to best advantage, with passion and touching emotions.

Thank you so much, Nancy!

Don’t forget the Break 20 Giveaway, as well as the two giveaways celebrating HURT ME SO GOOD’s release.

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Review: The Bloodgate Guardian

Harry of A Dude reads PNR fame for The Book Smugglers says:

I love that Jaid is vulnerable. I love the fact that she is smart-ass, not kick-ass. She doesn’t do the whole super ninja vixen. No leather pants and favorite blades for this chick. She’s nerdy and the Un-Indiana Jones of the faculty. Brilliant characterization, right there. Pure gold. It makes Jaid stand out from all the other leading females in the genre. I also can honestly say that Jaid’s the strong woman urban fantasy and paranormal romance has been boasting with. She’s not sure she will win and she is mortified to venture, but she does. She falls down and picks herself up, because the situation demands it. That’s what I call bravery and perseverance.

Of course there were a few parts he didn’t like.  Names.  (Oh, you know the drama we already went through over the names, right?)  Shapeshifter.  Yes, the Maya did believe that the most powerful shamans could actually transform into the sacred jaguar.  He also thought it ended too happily.  Considering the version I had originally written [Everybody dies. The end.], I can only smile.

You can read the entire review here.  Thank you, Harry!

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Review: The Bloodgate Guardian Recommended Read!

Rae Lori has posted a review of The Bloodgate Guardian as a recommended read:

 I really enjoyed this book filled with action, adventure, a little bit of romance and a lot of suspense. One of the many strengths of this book was the characters and story pacing. I loved that Jaid is not a generic kick butt heroine who rejects all feeling except her libido to do whatever needs to be done.

One last aspect out of many I really enjoyed about this story was the world building and the history of the Mayan culture. I have to admit, I didn’t know much about it going in but after reading this, I’m eager to read more about the ancient civilization. I love how it was weaved into every aspect of the story and it helped drive the story at every turn. I also got to learn a lot about the belief systems and mythology, all of which was very interesting.

Thank you so much, Rae!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my Break 20 Giveaway!