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Revision Xibalba Part Two

Finished last (planned) new scene!  Total counts at Kaldi’s this morning:

  • breakfast
  • 4 cups of coffee, including one Highlander Grog (ahhhhh, Gregar!!)
  • 1764 words
  • a little over two hours

Heading home, will probably take a walk, and then begin revisions on the original first draft this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Revision Xibalba Part Two

  1. Awesome, Great work Joely! :mrgreen:

  2. That Highlander Grog coffee sounds great! Too bad we don’t have a Kaldi around these parts. Great work!

  3. Highlander Grog? Sounds yummy. Congrats on finishing the new scenes. How long are you taking off from the dayjob? Hope you have a great time off. :mrgreen:

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