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RT Count Down

I’m leaving for Chicago tomorrow!  So today is crazy with errands and last-minute preparations.  I dropped off the kids at school, made it to the bank, and paid the utilities.  I also did a little shopping at our local western/farm store to get something for the Samhain Stampede, but I didn’t have any luck yet.  Who knew it’d be so hard to find a plain black western shirt?!?

That Man’s taking me to our favorite Japanese place for lunch, and then I’ll hit Wal-Mart and take my PJs back.  They just won’t work (and I don’t think Ann wants to see the scary ratty old T-shirt I usually sleep in) and I need to get travel cubes and a few other things.  Then I’l hit the grocery store and stock the fridge for the family, which includes my “famous” spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight.  That way Littlest will have plenty of her favorite food in the fridge in case she doesn’t like Dad’s cooking.

Then the fun part begins… trying to cram all this stuff into my itty bitty suitcase.

It’s going to be hard leaving the monsters tomorrow.  Both the youngest ones cried last night and I’m not even leaving yet!

4 thoughts on “RT Count Down

  1. Don’t forget batteries for the camera! I want pictures 🙂 The kiddos will be fine and you’ll have a blast. Can’t wait to hear all about RT. Have a safe trip, my friend.

  2. Absolutely! You’d better be texting me pictures every hour or so, woman! Eeee! I wanna see you in all your dresses at all your parties!

    You’re gonna have such a great time, Sis. I’m so excited for you!

  3. Good luck and enjoy!!!!! 😀

  4. Awww for the monsters, so precious!

    Hope you have a great time Joely!

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