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The Big RT Swag Giveaway

Open to anyone on the planet, as long as you’re patient with me until I get to the post office.

I have about 50 pounds of combined free books and swag from RT 2012.  NO I’M NOT KIDDING (the picture is only one night’s haul).  I have the FedEx bill to prove it, at least for the 25 pounds of books that cost a small fortune to ship home from the hotel.  At the airport today, I had to strip another 25 pounds of stuff out of my monster suitcase to get under the 50-lb limit, and most of it was swag that I then had the pleasure of hauling through the airport myself.

I have ink pens.  I have pins/buttons.  I have BOOKS out the WAZOO.  I have even more bookmarks, trading cards, and postcards.  Some of it’s signed.  Some of it has cool little gadets attached.  Some of it is adult in nature (like the pecker tape.  *snickers*).

I’m going to bag up all of these goodies and send them to those of you who’d like a taste of RT.  Just drop me an email (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com) and tell me what kind of swag you’d like along with your snail mail addy.  (e.g. if you collect buttons, let me know.  Or if you’d really like some sexy EC playing cards!)

Right now, I think I have enough to give everyone at least one book and some cool swag, unless a whole bunch of you email me.  All I ask is you go out to Amazon, B&N, GoodReads, etc. and rate/review to spread some book love!

(Open until I run out of swag!)

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RT2012: The E-Book Expo Exposed

While at the E-Book Expo yesterday, I got to meet several incredible people at RT and I was thrilled to answer a few questions about some things I’d like to see in epublishing’s future.  Head on over to RT’s website read what kind of genre-buster I’d like to see …and what I’d call it!  Along with a photo of me in my Samhain Stampede get up!  Too bad you can’t see my sparkly belt buckle…

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The Magic of RT

I hope you follow me on Twitter or Facebook – that’s where I’ve been posting the bulk of my pictures from RT12 (upper right hand sidebar if you need the links).  But after tonight’s events, I had to open up the laptop for the first time so I could capture this moment.

At the Ebook Expo, I got to sit by Monica Burns and Sharon Buchbinder and we talked and talked for two hours.  I got to meet my Samhain editor, Tera Kleinfelter, and Carina Press’s Executive Editor, Angela James (and my old Samhain editor) for the first time.  At the Samhain Stampede, I met dozens of other Samhain authors that I’ve seen online on Twitter or on groups.  It’s so funny to see these names over the years but have no real face or voice to match.  Now I do!

But here’s where the REAL magic happened.  Ann and I walked into the Scottish Fling dinner party and sat down at a table of strangers.  This table must have had some kind of cosmic energy drawing us all to this table.  I swear it was a weird convergence spot.

I sat by Kate Pearce, whom I’d heard at the “What’s Hot” erotica panel earlier in the afternoon.  We started chatting and I learned she’s a new Carina author.  We’re both going to the Award Ceremony tomorrow – which is when the private Carina author dinner is scheduled.  I was worried about finding my way alone (it’s not at the hotel) after the ceremony, and so was she.  We talked the entire evening about the business, our families, etc. and agreed to meet up tomorrow night after awards and walk together.

As the evening passed, I mentioned I was from MO.  Cecily White came around shortly after and said where at in MO?  Ironically, she’s from Springfield – only 8 miles away!  She’s also involved with the Ozarks Romance Authors group, which I’ve thought about joining several times but just never did.  Now that I’ve met her, I’m definitely joining and I plan to go to their conference in June.

Then she introduced me to the person with her and we both screamed (well, Noelle’s was a silent scream – she lost her voice) and hugged each other.  I met Noelle Pierce through Romance Biggest Winner last year and we planned to meet up at RT but it just hadn’t happened yet.  We’d been sitting together at that table all night and didn’t know it.

And earlier today, I finally met Larissa Ione in person – after “knowing” her online for years.

Maybe this sounds weird, but I think these connections I made tonight could be life changing – or at least career changing.  I’ve certainly made so many wonderful connections here at RT, meeting dozens of readers and authors face-to-face that I never would have met otherwise.  It’s been absolutely incredible.

There’s nothing better than walking around as a “nobody” and just having a wonderful time, when a fan walks up to you and says, “OH, I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!”  *beams*  It’s so cool!

RT has definitely hooked me and I’m already raving about how much I want to go next year in KC!

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RT Count Down

I’m leaving for Chicago tomorrow!  So today is crazy with errands and last-minute preparations.  I dropped off the kids at school, made it to the bank, and paid the utilities.  I also did a little shopping at our local western/farm store to get something for the Samhain Stampede, but I didn’t have any luck yet.  Who knew it’d be so hard to find a plain black western shirt?!?

That Man’s taking me to our favorite Japanese place for lunch, and then I’ll hit Wal-Mart and take my PJs back.  They just won’t work (and I don’t think Ann wants to see the scary ratty old T-shirt I usually sleep in) and I need to get travel cubes and a few other things.  Then I’l hit the grocery store and stock the fridge for the family, which includes my “famous” spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight.  That way Littlest will have plenty of her favorite food in the fridge in case she doesn’t like Dad’s cooking.

Then the fun part begins… trying to cram all this stuff into my itty bitty suitcase.

It’s going to be hard leaving the monsters tomorrow.  Both the youngest ones cried last night and I’m not even leaving yet!