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RT Promo

Proof positive that I’m insane:

I’m making my promo for RT.


Yes, making.  As in by hand.  Each one is slightly different for the most part.  I bought a bunch of chunky beads and smaller glass beads at Jo-Anns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby.  Cute mask charms from Etsy.  I printed some heavy, glossy business cards at VistaPrint.

And watched some tutorials to figure out how to bead.

Middle and I got busy today.  We worked off and on for probably 6-7 hours and I have a whopping… 65 made.  I ran out of my black chunky beads and used up one roll of cord.  I have several yards of 4mm silk ribbon on its way along with some more charms, this time handcuffs.

Snickers.  Okay, I’m punchy and half blind after making so many book thongs.  Some are doubled, some are single.  Some have beads on both ends.  After nearly crying because the first 10 tangled up so badly I had to cut them apart (even though I put them on the door knob to keep them organized), I started taping them to cardboard.  Because yeah, I’m going to have to figure out how to get these suckers down to New Orleans!

65 made. Only at least 135 more to go! More if I can make them in time.

I’ll also be making more to give away via the newsletter and here on the blog as we get closer to The Billionaire Submissive’s release date, June 17th.

4 thoughts on “RT Promo

  1. Wow–those look amazing, Joely!

    1. Thank you! I hope readers like them!

  2. Those look great! Awesome idea for a handout at RT. The charms add a nice touch.

  3. You are nuts! … but those are really cool. 🙂

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