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RT2012: The E-Book Expo Exposed

While at the E-Book Expo yesterday, I got to meet several incredible people at RT and I was thrilled to answer a few questions about some things I’d like to see in epublishing’s future.  Head on over to RT’s website read what kind of genre-buster I’d like to see …and what I’d call it!  Along with a photo of me in my Samhain Stampede get up!  Too bad you can’t see my sparkly belt buckle…

2 thoughts on “RT2012: The E-Book Expo Exposed

  1. 😆 If someone could pull off a romantic horror story, it would be you, my friend! LOVE your smile in that picture.

  2. Serial Killer Romance? Why not! Go for it! 😀 Great photo and interview at the website! And wow that huge display of the cover of Golden You were all over the map at RT! Looks like you had an incredible time!

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