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RX Day 10

Today was an editing day.  I went through 23 pages this morning.  Some had been fairly well edited in the past, but a few minor things needed to be changed to bring it up to the current timeline/flow.  Then I also smoothed in a brand new section.  I have 4 more pages to edit, and then the first 3 chapters are solid.

Goals tonight:

  1. Finish Chapter 3.  Done.
  2. Work on Day Sheet.  Worked on it awhile but it’s nowhere near finished yet.  I’m still having a hard time getting the righ balance between old and new.
  3. Made notes on a few things I need to fix–another timing issue I need to clarify.  Also jotted a few ideas for the new scene I’ll tackle in the morning.

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  1. W00t! Great job on getting Chapter three done and hope the new scenes go well tomorrow. 😀

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