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I didn’t do much writing this weekend at all, and I’m pretty much exhausted.

Yesterday, we drove over hill and dale to Granny’s house, where we picked apples and got a refresher course on crochet.  Molly made an adorable little hat and I stole a copy of the pattern, while Granny taught Princess Monster how to chain.  She worked with Middle Monster too, but I don’t think she quite got it.  Did I say that Granny has the patience of a saint???

We stopped by Papa from Mexico’s house and he just so happened to have two horses saddled.  All three monsters took a few turns on horseback, and before we knew it, we had us a bonfire going.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned on such an outing, so I didn’t bring anything, and Papa’s two packs of hotdogs didn’t go very far.  However, the kids had a blast and we didn’t burn anything important down.

We got home rather late and decided to sleep in this morning instead of heading to church.  We washed a MOUTAIN of laundry.  That Man folded while I went through the kids’ closet and dressers to pack away all their summer stuff.  Then we dragged all the clothes we’d been storing in the garage (which is still a mess from our move months ago) into the house and I went through all of them.  Now the monsters have warm stuff to wear, their clothes are temporarily organized and put away neatly, and I’ve got two large bags of outgrown items to donate.

Then I crocheted my first hat.  I didn’t use the right sized hook, though, so it’s way too small for any of the monsters.  However, I think it’ll make a nice gift for a friend’s two-year-old.  I started another hat tonight with the appropriate hook and made good headway on it.

I forgot how much I love these other crafts.  I get so wrapped up in writing every single free moment…and didn’t realize how much I missed the other handsy things I used to do.  I’ve decided to make a hat for each monster, and then I’ll make another small hat for my friend’s new baby boy, and then who knows.  Maybe I’ll make a few to give away to other friends, including the blogosphere!

So I’m off to bed soon to better enable Dark & Early tomorrow.  I have a lot of catching up to do.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Recharge

  1. Good luck with your writing this week!

  2. Heh, the hat. I finally made one that has some shape (thanks to editing the pattern to where I want it), and looking at that first hat just makes me laugh. If possible, the second one was even worse. Guh.

    But the THIRD one, now….

    Good on ya, Sis. I, too, forget how much I like to do other stuff when the writing jones is upon me. Or even when it isn’t. That crazy monkey on our backs can be a demanding, hard-writing little potty-word, but it can also make us do our best stuff. Can’t hate him too much.

  3. I could have said I told you so, but I won’t. LOL.

  4. Sometimes you need to step away from the writing, even if it’s only to remember that you do have other enjoyable hobbies. Of course, said other hobbies should not interfere with Writing, Revision, Agent Hunting, or Publishing. Just so we’re clear! 😀

  5. Good headway on the hat. Ugh. 🙄

    Recharging is a very good thing, though. I hope it really helps your writing!

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