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RX Day 13

Yesterday was exactly why I decided to start getting up D&E.  With the monsters, Evil Day Job, and That Man, I simply cannot count on having any time at all in the evenings to write.  At least if I get up at the butt crack of dawn, no one else is up and I have an hour or two to myself.

Today was much better, even though I didn’t get up quite as early as I hoped.  I did get to bed well before 10 but That Man stayed up until 11 and so I didn’t sleep deeply until then (and of course woke up when he came in). 

Good progress this morning.  Another 712 words to finish up this new scene.  Now I need to go through the next several scenes (that are done) and figure out the best placement for the next new scene in Quinn’s POV.

3 thoughts on “RX Day 13

  1. Good for you!! I actually woke up at 5am this morning, but I haven’t quite managed to get out of bed to write. Maybe tomorrow. :mrgreen:

  2. This is why I would never succeed with a D&E plan:

    Alarm clock goes off at 5:30. I hit snooze until the puppy’s whining finally forces me out of bed at 5:50ish. Take puppy outside to do his business. Come back in and get back into bed even though it would make more sense to jump in shower. Fall back asleep. Hit snooze two more times. Finally force myself out of bed and into shower at 6:10.

    As you can see…I love my bed and I love sleeping. Getting up D&E sounds brilliant, but I know it’s not for me. Still, I am hugely impressed by those of you who can and do!

  3. I really don’t know how you do it, because I couldn’t.

    I’ve been known to get into bed, setting my alarm clock for a full 8 hours later AND still not get out of bed in time bec ause I go back to bed for a lie-in even though I’m meant to get out early to do Stuff.

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