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RX Day 17

I dreamed about the Equus story last night.  I wanted to write it so badly this morning, but I know it’s a decoy.  It would be “easy” and Revision Xibalba is “hard.”  No matter how pretty and shiny the new idea is, I must stay the course.

I got a slow start — at one point I e-mailed Jenna and admitted I only had 79 words — but I finally found my rhythm.  The scene is up to 1022 words and not yet finished.  A new character trait came out for a secondary character, so I need to go back and weave it in to lay the ground work.  I also need to think of an appropriate office weapon that could kill someone.  Self defense, of course.  My Beloved Sis already used the stapler

Update:  Added roughly 20 some scenes to my daysheet (up to 47 now).  I still feel like I have some holes, especially in Tara’s (red) POV, but I decided to just let it go, get what I know down, and then I can print the thing off and eyeball it for symmetry and balance.  Maybe I need to trim back her scenes.  I have her pretty well balanced against Quinn right now, but maybe she doesn’t need so much screen time. 

That’s the thing about plotting.  I don’t believe it should ever be “perfect.”  If it were perfect down to the finest detail, why bother writing the story?  What’s left to discover?  If plotting ceases to be a tool and becomes an alabatross around my neck, why keep bemoaning water (plot) everywhere and not a drop to drink?  Ditch the thing!  

I do find the daysheet helpful for weaving multiple threads, though, so I’m going to keep at it.  I’m not going to stress about not having it perfect and finished, though.  By then, I could write the damned book.  :mrgreen:


Also came up with the opening line for Return to Shanhasson today, subject to a hundred revisions (openings kill me).  I know exactly how the story ends.  I know the horrible inciting event.  I know many yummy bits in between.  It’s the timing of the beginning quarter or so that is still not worked out in my mind.  I’m hoping to work out some of those kinks before NaNoWriMo.

8 thoughts on “RX Day 17

  1. Why DO muses love decoys and shiny new things so?

    If one has good aim or can sneak up behind the target, tape dispensers are pretty heavy…

  2. Letter Opener or one of those big paper cutter things. Slice. Whoops!

  3. 😥 Amy already stole my suggestion 😀 Good to hear you got back on track with the story

  4. I cheated. I’m just writing something new.

  5. Heh, thanks for the plug, Sis! *hugs* And I’m proud of you for denying temptation. It’s wretched, isn’t it? Something all exciting and fascinating, and you’re stuck in RX, wading through the mire and bewailing the drudgery. *sigh*

    Not that NSR isn’t fabulous, of course, but you’re absolutely right that it’s HARD, where something new would be “easy”. For a while, anyway. *grin* That’s where your discipline kicks in and mine is all, “Ohh! Shiny!”

  6. If you want to get really bizarre how about an Elison Dye machine (cuts paper into preset forms- i.e. hearts, trees, stars, ladybugs, etc), or a laminator (one of the libraries has one that is big enough to do posters. 🙂
    P.S. I haven’t had a chance to do much writing lately, and can only hope to have enough plotting done to start NaNo in November.

  7. 😈 Please, please please submit your equus dream to my dream blog! That’s awesome!

  8. What about a stapler remover? You know…those sharp fang looking things?

    Well ok, they probably wouldn’t kill someone but they could certainly gorge the eyes…among other things. :mrgreen:

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