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RX Day 18

Oh, you wonderfully wicked people.  Thank you for all your ideas on how to kill someone with office equipment!  Of course, I’d be leery of actually working with any of you now…  Kidding!

I worked on that scene from yesterday and actually deleted the potential murder part for later.  Sad, I know.  However, I needed to draw out the suspense a bit, and putting the danger off until later works.  So I finished up that scene at 1205 words and then went straight into Tara’s next scene (even though it’s not in true section order on the daysheet).  I’m glad I did, because I ended up with 1368 words there!

It was “easy” because it was all key backstory shedding light on many little aspects that deepen the story.  Of course, I concede that some of it may be deleted in revision — I don’t want too much backstory bogging things down — but this is crucial stuff.  It has to do with a private little cenote in Cozumel and the beginning of several key character obsessions.  I intend to write that part up as a freebie eventually.

I also have 80% of my Eppie contest reading finished, too!  (Read 2 more last night) 

Oh, and it’s a good thing I asked off for the week of Thanksgiving (except for Friday — it’s sort of tradition that I work the Friday after Thanksgiving), because I found out I’m hosting That Man’s family dinner.  Joy.  Rapture.   :shock:

3 thoughts on “RX Day 18

  1. Ug. I still have to figure out where exactly we’re having Thanksgiving this year. I’m afraid I might be travelling to Indiana. And I don’t want to!

  2. I’m not sure what I’m doing for Thanksgiving, I know I’m not going home, maybe I’ll see what the peeps are doing. :mrgreen:

  3. Bliss… 😎 Not.

    Technically we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but I do hope you all in the states have a lovely turkey day. You as well Joely, in spite of hosting duties.

    And good on you for the progress you’ve made both in RX and the reading for the Eppie contest!

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