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RX Day 19

Last night we had parent teacher conferences.  The monsters are all doing well, although Middle Monster’s teacher had some very colorful stories to share about her.  She hadn’t heard the one about MM trying to start a campfire at recess, though.  She rubbed sticks together so hard, for so long, that she smelled smoke.  It’s my fault — she got the idea from Survivor.  :shock::lol:

I didn’t write last night, but I did read several chapters in my next-to-last Eppie assignment.  85% done!

This morning, D&E once more, and another 1083 words in a Tara scene.  I’m glad I decided to just write out her “thread” as far as possible instead of trying to write in true section order in the scope of the whole book.  Maybe I’ll do the same for Quinn too — these two threads intersect very soon.

I’ve got several things on my mind, even beyond Return to Shanhasson for NaNoWriMo.  I would like to write up a checklist for speed — for my own reference as much as yours.  And I’d like to write a couple of short free giveaway stories.  The problem is coming up with a real STORY in 2K or so with appropriate character growth, conflict, etc.  I haven’t come across the right set up yet, so I’m treating this as a personal challenge.  I WILL come up with something.


2 thoughts on “RX Day 19

  1. A campfire at recess!??!! Go, MM!! 😆 That is hysterical!

    I’m interested in this ‘checklist for speed’… and good luck fitting something into 2K! Wow! I think that would kill me – the shortest thing I’ve ever managed was 15K… I’m just not very good at short (in spite of being short – go figure…).

  2. Middle Monster is my new role model. 😎

    2k? 😯 Why is it that big word counts give me a thrill and small ones scare the living hell out of me? Good luck with that!

    And, like Bethanie, I’m also interested in the checklist for speed.

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