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RX Day 21

Last night, I finished up the new Mythomorphoses short story, “Prometheus Unbound.”  It could be longer than 2K — easily! — but that’s the requested length.  Maybe I’ll start with this piece and then write a “sequel” to give away on the blog.  I’ll work on some ideas tonight.

Dark & Early this morning I returned to Revision Xibalba.  I finished up the scene I’d been working on and then went back to the beginning and fixed a few early scenes to better reflect hers and Larry’s static traits.  They sort of sneak up on me as I write the plot out, which probably isn’t the way to do it, but it works.  Most of the time.  I still have about 3 of her sections that will need slight modifications.  Then it’s back to Jaid’s story line.  I also need to explore Quinn’s line up through the intersection.

All by NaNoWriMo if possible.  Sigh.    :shock:

On the monster front, I think they’ll all go to school today except Princess Monster.

3 thoughts on “RX Day 21

  1. Your writing schedule is CRAZY, girl.

  2. Oh man! Your posts weren’t registering in my reader. That’ll teach me not to check normally once in a while.


    I’ve signed up for NaNo this time. Wish me luck!

  3. I know, I know, May. Too many ideas. Not enough time.

    Travis, good luck!!! What’s your NaNo handle and I’ll add you as a buddy!

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