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RX Day 22, 23

I’ve made it semi-dark and early two days in a row but I don’t have a lot to report.  I’m editing previously written sections and smoothing old and new together.  Night Sun Rising is up to 106 pages and I’m getting ready to decide what section kicks off Chapter 6.

We’ve had another scare with Middle Monster.  She threw up in her bed again the other night, but didn’t wake up.  No one knew she’d thrown up.  Of course, immediately I envisioned her choking to death in her sleep.  We bought a baby monitor (our old one was sold in a yard sale years ago) last night, but it picked up every little sound with tons of static, and the bunk beds are really, really squeaky.  At 1 AM, That Man finally turned the damned thing off so we could sleep.  I checked her as soon as I got up this morning and all is well.  We’ll have to tinker with the channel and placement of the monitor so it’s not quite so annoying, yet can still protect her if she does get sick again.

The Evil Day Job is really ramping up this week.  I’ve got a project to turn over for testing by the end of this week and more demands on an even larger one that have waited while I get this other one done, and a little project that has delicate timing moving into production on Monday.  Oh, and I’m out two days next week, which throws a monkey wrench into everything.  It’s amazing, I still have to get my work done even if I’m not in the office.  I still have obligations and deadlines, but now even less time to meet them.

And then I wonder why I still have 120+ hours of vacation to use.  :roll:

3 thoughts on “RX Day 22, 23

  1. Oh, how scary. I don’t blame you at all for the baby monitor. I’d do the same thing! I hope she’s feeling better soon.

  2. Wow, scary is the word – baby monitors tend to be really sensitive (at least ours have been), so you’re probably OK placing it across the room. That may help to cut down on the noises you DON’T want to hear, but still pick up the ones you do.

  3. Eek, that is scary. Hope she’s feeling better. And good luck with all of those projects. I’ve started outlining book 2, and hope to be ready to start writing on Saturday. Go NaNo! :mrgreen:

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