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RX Day 24

Yes, I’m insane.  I’m doing Revision Xibalba (hell) and NaNoWriMo at the same time.  Today, I finished the next scene of Chapter 6: some cut and paste with revision; some new.  1437 words.  NSR sits at 31,427 words, so about 30% complete (not counting all the scenes in Tara’s new POV that I’ve written and not managed to weave into the main story line yet).

Tomorrow, I have my first day of vacation in November.  I plan to do Dark & Early as usual and hit my NaNo words.  Then I’ll take the monsters to school early and walk the track with them, weather permitting.  Then I’m doing something I’ve longed to do for ages:  I’m driving up to Kaldi’s, a local coffee shop with an oatmeal bar and decent coffee, and I’m going to write until around 11:00 or my battery runs out (if I can’t find an outlet).  I need to be close to home around noon since I have a project moving to production at the Evil Day Job.  Just in case.  So then I’ll have until the monsters get out of school at 3:30.  I’ll write up a schedule in the morning with goals for each session, and yes, I’ll be switching back and forth between the two projects.

I’m also off Tuesday, but I forgot the monsters are out of school (since elections are held at their school, it’s closed for security reasons).  I’ll at least do D&E and then think up something to bribe them with for another hour or two of work…

See you at the butt crack of dawn, Returning to Shanhasson indeed.  Signing off.

3 thoughts on “RX Day 24

  1. Two stories at once?! 😯 This is madness!


    Sorry. 😎 Couldn’t help it. The plot bunnies, you know, they ate my brain. Or maybe it was my zombie cast, tired of waiting for me to hurry and get to them. 😳

    Seriously hero-worshiping you right now for your determination with both projects. Good luck! :mrgreen: Hope tomorrow goes well.

  2. 😯 Wow, Joely, you always inspire me with your dedication! I don’t know how you do it with three monsters and a That Man, too… Good luck with all of it!

  3. Good luck! And if you didn’t already, don’t forget to vote!

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