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RX Day 8

I had to do some triage today.  Despite all my planning, timelining, and day sheet (at least for the first half of the book), I realized I had a significant time error this morning.

It had been going so well.  This new section adds some really nice suspense and tension to the story (and gore, but that’s why May calls me the Sister of the Severed Hand).  I needed a bit of a break between Jaid’s argument with her current boyfriend and the break in, and this scene fit the bill perfectly.  However… I had one scene happening at night and the other happening in the morning, and the follow up scene just minutes later at night.  Doh!!

Looking at my day sheet (both lines said “day 1” which was correct, but obviously not helpful), I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work.  If I moved the morning scene up in the story–it wasn’t believeable for my bad guys to move from Guatemala to Mexico to Laredo that quickly.  If I moved the scene later to Jaid’s “next morning”, then I had too many scenes in a row in her POV and a serious hole in the placement of Quinn’s “green” thread.

It’s dumb, but little things like this can really derail a project.  If you let it.

I finally decided to change Quinn’s scene around to night time instead of day so it would fit.  In the end, I think it works even better that way — it gives the bad guys nearly 24 hours to make their trip — and lets me break up Jaid’s ordinary world with a high action scene that literally screams.  Her world is going to change in a heartbeat and it’s only a few pages away.

So not a lot of “new” words exactly, but a serious hole fixed.  We’re going to Granny’s this weekend to pick apples, and I’ve got tons of crap to do around the house so I don’t know what kind of writing I’ll get done.  I’ll just have to fit it in the best I can.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “RX Day 8

  1. Yay gore!

    I hate when things look like they work perfectly in the planning and then you get to writing it and find, not so much. 😐 Glad you found a way to work around it though!

  2. Oh, time holes are my nemesis; I feel for you. No matter how carefully I think I’ve planned, at least one always gets me…

    Good luck getting some writing time fit into your weekend – my sister is visiting this weekend and she’s a ‘let’s go DO something!!!’ all day kinda gal, so my NaNo planning is slithering along like cold molasses going uphill in January… Oh well!

  3. OMG, tell me about it! I’ve been falling into the twilight zone of continuity issues with Loose Daddy for weeks now! d:)

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