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RX on the Horizon

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Now that I have the plot ironed out and card-by-card plot decisions on what I can keep from the first draft (nearly all of NSR, whoo-hoo!!!), I’m gearing up for Revision Hell, or more appropriately, Revision Xibalba. RX for short. :D

I’m writing up deeper character backgrounds for the new POV and select key characters. I’m also writing up backstory, especially for Jaid’s father. I missed several key opportunities in the first draft. Eventually, I hope to share most of this backstory with you as snippets, but I can’t yet, not without revealing the ace up my sleeve .

I’m trying to be very careful in my planning this time. I have 63K of storyline finished, that will remain mostly intact, and easily another 50K to build around and inside it. Two new POVs, and dozens of new characters. Some are entirely off stage, but I need to know them. I need their image, their motivations and fears in the back of my mind. And, with all this plotting and story arc fresh in my mind, I want to plot out the second book as far as possible. I need to figure out the structure. Will Jaid continue as the protagonist, or become a key supporting character as the story arc continues (rather like Alexandria and Michael in Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn series)? I don’t know yet, but that’s another reason I’m spending so much time on these new characters.

I’m hoping someone’s story begins to shout loud and clear. Pick me! Pick me! However, no sequel bait has arrived yet, so I might rely heavily on Jaid to carry me through the next leg of this White Road.

Anyway, October and November will be key months. I probably won’t participate “formally” in NaNoWriMo this year, since NSR is a revision, but I’ll definitely be there in spirit as I whip this baby into shape and kick it out the door. I plan to start serious revision 9/28/2008. Mark your calendar for:

  • sick kid(s)
  • That Man’s revolt
  • massive Evil Day Job issue (don’t ask me what my company’s doing in October. Yes, it’s big, although I’m not directly involved)
  • sick dog
  • broken appliance
  • car trouble
  • computer trouble

The list is infinite! But it won’t stop me from finishing this story by the end of the year, unless I let it.

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