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Still on Dial-Up

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Back in the good old days, a family trip to Branson meant single-lane highway up and down the “Ozark Mountains.” Even back then, Branson was a touristy area, and I remember miles of traffic stacked up behind a lone rickety RV. With the hills, we could never pass. If you got behind someone slow, you were stuck until they pulled off the road at their destination.

Years later they made some improvements to the road by adding a second lane–but only in certain areas to allow faster vehicles to pass the slower ones. It seemed like a good idea, right? Until a semi truck pulled over in the faster lane going uphill — to pass an ancient RV in the other lane. Then it was like a race between a turtle and molasses in winter.

That’s exactly how it feels right now with respect to my high-speed internet. DSL is “on its way.” They assured me my line could handle the high speed. They assued I’d have the modem “by” Friday–but surely sooner. No modem. Even when I get the modem, I’m not sure where I’ll put it to enable my network because…get this…there’s no phone outlet in my office. This house is set up so stupidly it makes me want to scream. I’ll either need to put the modem (and the router) in the kitchen–where I’ve been working all week–or in our bedroom. That’s it. I can’t put it downstairs because…yeah…no phone outlets down there at all.

Meanwhile, the third party did make it out to bury the cable in our back yard. Tuesday a guy showed up to mark placement. The next another came out to do the work. I thought SCORE! I’ll be up Thursday!! However, no cable guy showed up. Last night, That Man called them and they said, “Oh, we’ll get that order placed right away.” ^#@*&@#$?? What, I was supposed to call them? We begged the installer to let us call them last week when it was apparent we had a problem, but he said there was no need. He’d already talked to the dispatcher and the order was made.

Now the cable guy is supposed to come out on Sat. No time frame. So I’ll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs all day and hope he does show up. Probably about the time the DSL modem arrives by pony express…

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