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Flea Market Treasures

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Today was a little better. We scoured several flea markets all over town looking for kitchen storage, but I hadn’t found *the* right pieces yet and was getting discouraged.

I bought out Target getting curtain rods, new shower curtains, etc. and since Home Depot is right across the street, we ran inside to see if they had any cabinets we could use to expand the tiny kitchen. They had some nice finished pantries that were more than I wanted to spend and I was ready to call defeat, when I found a smaller white pantry already put together (* special story below) for only $99.

That was the turning point. Once I had a color and pantry, we returned to a flea market where I’d seen a white granite-topped kitchen island and a microwave cart with additional storage. Getting it all home was a bit of a joke and required several trips, but I was *finally* able to unpack some boxes! I’m still running out of space, but it’s a start.

No news on the internet situation. I’ll be calling on DSL Monday. I hate going from 54 Mbps to 6 Mbps but that’s much better than dial-up at 49.2 Kbps. I haven’t heard a word from the cable company on when they can get out here to bury that cable. Even the fastest DSL is half the price I’ve been paying for cable. If we can get it hooked up soon, I’ll at least try it.

* we had to get something already put together because That Man is really cripping around today. He has a hip that bothers him, just had hernia surgery about two weeks ago, and then to compound everything, in the dark last night he tripped over the banana lounge chair in the garage and slammed into the van, wrenching his “good” knee. He’s barely moving today.

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