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Synopsis or Death!

Give me synopsis, or give me death!  My apologies to Patrick Henry, but one way or the other, I’m going to finish a draft of the Maya synopsis.  TODAY. 

I actually made some decent progress using post-it notes a few days ago, but they’re expensive enough that I didn’t let myself really get in there and mess up–like I need to–in order to find the right words.  With school supplies lining the halls at Wal-Mart — ironically, I still had to make three loops through the store to find everything the monsters needed — I bought a bunch of cheap index cards.  So cheap that I can write down trite crap and wad it up without feeling guilty.

Sometimes you just have to write down the crap to find the good stuff.

I’ll report back in tonight with how I did.

I have two brand new packs of index cards, and I’m not afraid to use them.

6 thoughts on “Synopsis or Death!

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  2. gotta love the title of your post

  3. I love paper. *grin* Even if it’s just to wad it up and throw it away.

  4. WOO-HOO, go Joely go! :mrgreen: Show that Synopsis whose boss. [Take Gregar for backup just in case though…who says you have to fight fair? *g*]

  5. You can always make paper airplanes from your cards. 😛

  6. Thanks for all your words of encouragement! I conquered the synopsis — at least for today!

    Monica, it’s so good to see you back in the blogosphere!

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