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The End is In Sight

Not for the synopsis, unfortunately.

School starts next Wednesday!  *snoopy dance*

I always feel so much more organized and prepared when the kids are in school and we have a set routine.  This year, they’re all riding the bus too.  It’ll be soooo nice not to have to drag them to school and worry that I might have a meeting the one day That Man can’t take them himself.  Princess Monster is going to a new school this year, and she starts an hour earlier than her sisters, so definitely, bus is in order.  (Her sisters are ecstatic – her, not so much.)

So it’s frantic shopping, supplies, orientations, meet the teacher, etc. the next few nights, but it’ll be sooo worth it. 

By September, I’m hoping to be back to Dark & Early mornings.  Who knows, maybe I’ll work up to a Fast Draft so I can grind out Victor’s story.  *winks*  I’ve been doing lots of research for it and the plot ideas are coming from all directions.  I’m almost ready to sit down and see how much story I’ve actually got and where my holes are.

So let the back to school party begin!

(Oh, and my laptop is home, yay!  Even better, my bill was only $18!  The prong was not damaged — but something was wrong with the connection on the cord itself.  My bet: somebody stepped on it.) New connection on the end and I’m all set.  So I’m pulling up that unfinished synopsis now…)

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  1. I am more of a late night writer, but I bet you’re excited to get back into your routine! 🙂 And yay for your laptop!

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