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An Apocalyptic Giveaway

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about December 21st, 2012!  But since I used that idea in the Bloodgate books, it’s like a law or something that I celebrate the big day with a giveaway.

Assuming we’re all still here.  Bwahahaha!

In all seriousness, we turn our calendar “over” every year by buying a new one.  The Maya wheeled calendars are merely going back to the beginning — but probably not tomorrow since we really don’t have any idea (for sure) of which date to use to synchronize our calendar to theirs especially with leap years.  Honestly, they probably would have been more worried about the venus transit in June.

So to celebrate the big day, I’m offering:

  • An ecopy of The Bloodgate Guardian
  • An ecopy of The Bloodgate Warrior
  • Winner’s choice (print or electronic) of all four of Larissa Ione’s Lords of Deliverance Books.  Because nothing says apocalypse like The Four Horsemen!
  • A Maya-themed bookmark I cross-stitched.  (No picture available yet since I have to finish the backing, but it’ll be sent to the winner.)

To enter, simply comment on this post as many times as you want through midnight December 24th CST.  This contest is open to anyone on the planet.  Assuming it doesn’t blow up!