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Giveaway: Molly Burkhart’s My Gigolo (signed)

I’m so excited for my Beloved Sis – her first print book is shipping NOW!  To help her celebrate, I’m offering two signed copies of her book.  Just comment here through April 4th and tell me your favorite zombie movie or story.  Why zombies?  You need to check out Molly’s Undead Christmas Lyrics.  I’ll have the monsters pick two names out of the hat on April 5th.

P.S. It might take me a couple of weeks to get the copies signed – we live almost two hours apart and both work full time.  But I’ll ship as soon as I have them signed and in my greedy hands!

You can also still enter the Steampunk Necklace Giveaway.

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A Live Interview with Molly Burkhart

Okay, folks, I’m typing this interview live.  Molly’s sitting here at the table with me (she just said her answer was “blue” even though I haven’t asked her anything yet).  So let’s see how far I can get without dying of laughter.

I already blogged about the background idea for My Gigolo.  What’s your favorite element in the story?  (I think she’s going to say the pirate mini-golf course, so let’s see if I’m right.)

Molly:  if I ever won the powerball jackpot, I am building that mini golf course!

(Okay, she actually said the sister dynamic until I said, dang, what about the mini golf?!)

Do you cast your characters?

Molly:  not at first.  They’re firm in my mind just as they are, and I normally can’t find anyone that looks like that.

If you could have any actor play Jack, who would you choose?

Molly:  Goran Visjnic  (she had to spell it for me.)

How about Gabe?

Molly:  Annie from the original Halloween movie.

Do you plot?

Molly:  Bwahahahahaha.  I do in a way — it’s all in my head.  I don’t use notecards.  I love those “happy accidents” as Bob Ross always said.

Do you have a sequel in mind?  Or a related story?

Molly:  I’d be open to it, either for his friend Brad or Regina, the secretary at the old escort service.  But I don’t have anything planned.

So what’s next on your plate, then?

Molly:  Well…..I was going to do an urban fantasy for MayNoWriMo, but my Samhain editor is very interested in a steampunk with fantasy elements that’s about 1/4 done.

Wheeee, I can’t wait!  I know exactly what story she’s talking about and it will be so. cool.

A serious question:  where you ever tempted to quit writing, either this story or the whole shebang?

Molly:  never the whole shebang but I’ve tempted several times not to write with the goal of publication.  I have to write for my own pleasure and my own sanity, but there are times I wonder why I ever wanted to be published in the first place.  Then days like today remind me! 

Who do you want to be compared to as a writer?

Molly:  I absolutely adore Stephen King, but I don’t want to BE Stephen King.  I’d like to be as well read!  I’ve always kind of wanted to be a Renaissance Man, a jack of all trades but a master of none.  I like to genre hop, even though that’s no longer in fashion.

So if you’re not going to write in a single genre, what’s the one thing we can always find in a Molly Burkhart book?

Molly:  Zombies!  There will always be some mention or joke about zombies.  And someday, I’m going to write a zombie apocalypse!  It’s inevitable….just like The Zombie Apocalypse.

Thank you, my most beloved Sis!  I’m so proud of you! 

Aside:  tonight we’ve talked about everything from chicken soup with homemade noodles (yum) to Craig’s List murders to quails that run backwards to poop.  (My Dad is raising quail, if you’re wondering how the subject arose.) 

My sides hurt from laughing too much!

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Molly Burkhart’s My Gigolo

In case the name doesn’t give it away, Molly really is my sister, and her debut novel My Gigolo releases from Samhain today.  I’ll have an interview with her later today, but first, let me tell you a little of the background about how this book came to be.

So there we were, standing in my kitchen talking about our good friend Jenna’s recent short story that had been included in the MILF anthology (as Anna Black), which included an older heroine hiring a male prostitue for the night.  I made a joke, like “Hey….!  Mom’s always bugging you to date, so maybe I should hire you a gigolo!  Your birthday’s just around the corner!”

Molly snorted and made some crack about where would I even find a gigolo around here?  The more we talked and laughed, the more the idea began to firm in her mind.

My Gigolo is the result.

If you like quirky romance with fun characters in an unusual contemporary romance, check out Molly’s My Gigolo: The Care and Feeding of a Male Prostitue.  Bonus:  a pirate mini-golf course!

When a good man is hard to find, there’s only one thing left to do. Buy one.

As far as Gabrielle is concerned, her life isn’t at all a mess. It’s simply taught her a hard lesson—never rely on anyone else for her own happiness. It’s not that she’s against having sex. Far from it. It’s just that if it comes with strings tied to the word “love”, she’ll pass.

Now if only she could stop her sister and friends from trying to show her the error of her solitary ways. Especially after their latest trick—hiring a male prostitute for her birthday.

In all his time as a male escort, Jack’s never met anyone as intriguing as down-to-earth Gabe. Or as determined to refuse his charms. She has no idea whom she’s dealing with, though. Jack’s a consummate professional in all aspects of his chosen field. Including coercion.

One minute, Gabe is agreeing to a night of no-strings sex. The next, she’s staring up at a man who turns her body and soul inside out. Jack is staring down at a woman he can’t imagine never seeing again. Both are suddenly aware there are only two ways this could end: a match made in heaven…or sheer disaster.

Warning: Explicit sex, illegal sexual practices, zombies, a clown, and the strangest minigolf course ever conceived.