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Easter Miscellany

It’s already been a crazy weekend. 

Papa from Mexico (my Dad) called to say he’d like to come down tomorrow, which is always a treat, so we decided to do some kind of Easter “dinner.”  I’m still sick of ham–overdosed from Christmas–so we decided to do prime rib.  Now That Man does a mighty mean prime rib, and once news got out, our guest list grew.  We always love to have company, but the house was a pit and those rib roasts aren’t exactly cheap.  We cleaned Friday night and headed out for loads of food shopping today.

Finally, after months of checking, I found a Wii-Fit at our local Wal-Mart.  I haven’t tried it yet, but Princess Monster is loving it.  (So if I never even step on it, I’ll still count it a victory.)  I stocked up on everything for Potato Salad and Spinach Salad, as well as some veggies I think I’ll roast.  I also bought a huge tub of strawberries so I’m not so tempted by whatever dessert Aunt BB brings.

We’d just got home from numerous stops all over town to hear that Grandma K in the Hospital (the monsters’ Great Grandmother, who’s been in the nursing home pretty much all of Littlest Monster’s life, so that’s what she calls her) is doing very poorly.  Hospice doesn’t think she’ll make it through the weekend.  So That Man decided to make a quick trip over “just in case” and Middle Monster wanted to go with him.  The other two monsters and I stayed home (we didn’t think all of us needed to cram in there if she’s truly not doing that well, and we did see her just a week or two ago).  They cleaned the pit of their room while I started some basic preparations for tomorrow.

We still have Easter eggs to dye, potatoes to peel, etc. but we’ll take care of all that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the monsters are frantically looking for their Easter baskets.  When Princess Monster was born, we lived in MN and since I worked in the home office, I was exposed to all sorts of parties, everything from Pampered Chef to Tupperware to Longaberger baskets, and yes, I bought a special basket for her first Easter.  Of course, I had to do the same for the other two monsters.  So they have these fantastic, extremely expensive baskets that they get out once a year…..and they can’t find them.  We moved last summer and I have no idea where they are.

[Updated:  the baskets have been found!  Whew]

As for writing, I’ve been wracking (haha, inside story joke) my brain, trying to come up with a really peppy hook for the Maya fantasy.  I have the general concept of the world/series down to two words — but the actual story, heroine, etc. is causing me a huge headache.  I also started reading Clockwork Heart, no verdict yet, and I played a bunch of computer games, everything from Farm Craft to Curse of the Pharaoh.  My biggest complaint lately has been not enough worlds/levels — they’re over too fast!

Oh, and remember when Deena challenged me ages ago to write a zombie romance?  I’ve got a near-finished copy of the freakishly awesome anthology in my hot little hands–BUMP IN THE NIGHT from Drollerie Press.  My short story, “Broken Angel:  A Zombie Love Story” is included.  Watch for it to release next week!

So what are your plans for Easter?