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Thanksgiving Prep

My to-do list today is insane.

  • get the monsters to school
  • run by the bank
  • take the dog to the groomer’s
  • run by Wal-Mart for thyme and a few decorative items
  • unload and reload dishwasher
  • throw a load of sheets in the washer
  • change the filter in the heater
  • make pie crust for 2 pies:  while making the crust, I realized I’d bought Eagle Brand (sweetened condensed milk) instead of Carnation (evaporated milk), so add:
  • trip to the store to buy Carnation evaporated milk
  • pick up the dog from the groomer’s
  • pick up the monsters (early dismissal)
  • continue making the pumpkin filling and bake the pies
  • get Flarp out of Middle Monster’s hair
  • wash Middle Monster’s hair to get out the rest
  • referee my monsters and their two friends from school
  • keep starving kids from eating each other as snacks
  • throw sheets in the dryer
  • peel 10 pounds of potatoes for Granny’s “heavy potatoes” including sour cream and real butter to be twice baked tomorrow
  • dice celery, onion and saute for stuffing
  • dice 13 cups of bread for stuffing
  • make fudge
  • make 2 loaves of chocolate Amish Friendship bread
  • what’s for dinner again? (chinese takeout)
  • make second kind of stuffing (cornbread)
  • bake ham for the turkey haters
  • strip our bed and wash another load of sheets
  • fold 2 loads of laundry from last night (Princess Monster helped!)
  • clean dorm-sized fridge in garage for overflow (That Man did this for me)
  • WRITE!

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Prep

  1. Have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving, Joely! d:)

  2. “keep starving kids from eating each other as snacks”. LMAO

  3. Have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

  4. Happy Turkey Day! (And you are Superwoman with that list! 😯 )

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m crashing for the night so I can drag my arse up in time to throw the turkey in the oven in the morning!

  6. Good Lord, woman! I got tired just reading that list.

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