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NaNo Day 25

Tough day but I hung in there and finally got Mykal’s response to yesterday’s debacle.  *laughs*  See if you can decipher “who” shows up near the end of the snippet.

Today:  1,318

NaNo: 62,410


“Impressive,” he whispered, shaking his head with a wry smile.  “I didn’t expect her to kill so many before we even started this dance.”

“And the rest flee!  We had an army she couldn’t possibly defeat, and now only a handful will be stupid enough to risk setting a single foot on her precious Green Lands.” 

Ignoring him, Mykal felt his heart stutter oddly and stumble to a halt.  Reflexively, he touched his chest, waiting long agonizing moments.  Pain banded his chest, his breath wheezing in his throat, Shadow enclosing him in deadly wings.

His heart refused to beat, which meant hers wasn’t beating.  He’d Given his heart to her, so when she died, he would too.  If her heart ceased to beat…

He reached down the bond to fly toward her heart, although she remained miles away in Shanhasson.  She lay crumpled on the Great Seal, her hair and gown dripping wet, plastered to her body.  Her young Red clutched her to his chest, smoothing her hair from her face, whispering urgently to her.

The connection was so strong that Mykal could hear the boy’s words.

“Please, na’lanna, take a breath.  Just one.”

Mykal staggered and fell to one knee, bracing himself on his left hand to keep from tumbling face first into the sand.  :Iyeh, brightheart, just one breath.  Will you let me take this dance so easily?:

Hovering over her, so close, he could almost touch her.  He stretched harder, his right hand reaching through time and space to stroke her cheek, to finger one of those beautiful marks on her body and dream about where his might lay beneath her creamy flesh, just waiting for his teeth to bring it out.

Her eyes flew open and she sucked in a deep, loud breath.  His heart crashed against his ribcage, thumping frantically to catch up to hers.  She saw him, somehow, staring directly into his eyes.  Her hand floated toward him, her mouth moving, but he couldn’t hear her. 

:Give me your blood, brightheart, and I’ll hear every–:

Something hard and cold shoved beneath his chin, snapping his head back, his teeth crashing together.  It flung him back so hard he stared up at the slip of moon again, flat on his back in the damp sand.

“What is wrong with you?”  Gana cursed and grabbed a handful of taamid to shake him thoroughly.  “Are you drunk?”

Mykal caught a flicker of Shadow, a small gleam of white, and then the presence was gone.  Something–or someone–had warned him off quite effectively.  He couldn’t help but laugh.  These warriors of hers would surely give him a beautiful dance.

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