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The Plan’s Kiss of Death

One of the most annoying things about my personality is my inability to stick to The Plan once I decide on The Plan.

Like seriously, it’s a joke. I sketch out a beautiful, aggressive, challenging plan to suit my need for pressure and deadlines. I’ll even put it into my bujo writing notebook.

Which is immediately the kiss of death. If I write it down in my journal, I suddenly become allergic to The Plan and everything changes. Butterfly flaps its wings etc etc and suddenly I’m doing exactly the opposite of what I thought I was going to do.

In my defense, usually something from real life throws me off my game. I count on momentum to build as I work on a project. I start slow, and I build to a crashing crescendo to finish a book. So when something knocks me out of that momentum, my brain gets… bored. Short circuited. Or maybe in that moment of silence, I hear something that makes me start to think and question and wonder.

Squirrel! Look over there. Isn’t that a nice shiny thing that I could do instead? I mean, The Plan is already out the window. Might as well mix things up now, right?

So I had The Plan to get either Queen Takes Darkness3 or Sunfires3 done before I head to Vegas Nov. 8th for 20BooksTo50K and Sherri (I wanted both, but that would have been challenging even for this idiot who loves a challenge). I was making pretty good headway. But then I got into a sex scene and it just went on and on. And on. And on.

Not the sex itself, just the scene. The set up. The character interactions. The tiny little reveals that happen when a person is vulnerable. All good stuff but it was just an absolute crawl. Then my Dad had a procedure in Kansas City a few weeks ago. I was his designated driver. We ended up staying in the city two days while he recovered.

Of course I’d built that into The Plan. I took my laptop, my bujo, and even my Traveler in case I needed to write at the hospital. And I did write. But I couldn’t bring myself to focus on that never-ending sex scene.

My momentum was broken. In that silence, that moment of opportunity, my brain said hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a Halloween story out by the end of the month? Like that would be crazy, right? You do have that witch story you wrote for LLS’s anthology.

Sure. Carnal Magic. It was a cute little 5k witch story. Not a novella.

But you could make it a novella. With a little work. You love a challenge.

*curses* Yes, I do love a challenge. But I don’t have a lot of time…

Even better, right?

And so here I am working on the witch story instead of what I’d planned to do. Even though I have a pre-order next month for Sharan Daire that I haven’t even started.

I don’t even know that I can finish the novella in time. Because once I read the short story and plotted out what I wanted to do, I immediately tore the original 5k to shreds and shifted elements around to make it work for a longer story. I find that level of edits much harder to do. Once I “tell” a story, my brain is happy with it and doesn’t want to see it in a different light. But it’s a challenge.

And I love a fucking challenge.

So I may or may not have a longer Carnal Magic out next week if I can pull off a miracle.

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  1. You are amazing under pressure! Don’t burn yourself out. We are excited to read all of your hard work. A never ending sex scene? OMG 😮

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