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I haven’t done one of these “WTF is Joely Writing Now?” posts in a while. As always, I’ll warn that as soon as I write this down, it’ll probably change… But I’ll do my best to keep up with my plan, though Gregar may have other ideas.

Now that Queen Takes Darkness2 is out, I decided to move directly into Queen Takes Darkness3 and Sunfires3. These two side trilogies have unfortunately dragged out over the last two years (thanks to divorce), and I had to cancel the original pre-order for Sunfires2. The cancellation not only really hurt my momentum, but also damaged reader trust. I suspect a lot of you may be reluctant to pick them up until the trilogies are finished, so that’s my #1 priority.

This does put Four Men & A Baby (Sharan Daire) at risk with a projected 11/30 release date. I will most likely need to bump it to 12/30 instead, but I’m going to leave it alone for now. It really depends on how long the third and final books for Karmen and Helayna end up going (expecting 50-60K but not sure).

After that, I’ll move to Leprechauned, another series that has dragged out far too long. If I can finish it up early, I’ll release it earlier in 2022 (currently set for 3/1).

In the spirit of tying up loose ends, the next thing I’m going to focus on is One Cut Deeper, Two Cuts Darker, and Three Cuts Deader. I got my rights back to this series, and so the first two books are getting new covers and a facelift. Since I want this series to do really well, I’m going to hold them until I finish Three Cuts. I know a few of you have been waiting a LONG time for the rest of Charlie and Ranay’s story! I think the series overall will just do so much better if it’s completely ready to go for a rapid (re)release.

Now for the bad news. Or not really bad, I guess, but things that are dropping OFF my schedule. I had planned to do a trilogy for Belladonna (Queen Takes Venom) and (or possibly combined with) a Hades twist with Queen Takes Death. However, I know you’re all anxious to get more of Shara’s and Xochitl’s stories. I even suspect I may have a bit of a riot on my hands if I take the time to write other side queens, even if I think they’d be a blast to explore. Belladonna will be important, but I can figure out what I need without writing a trilogy for her. Other people have done Hades rewrites, so I’m not sure how much new material I would add anyway.

So… if you’re still reading this far, all of this clearing and planning is for one big reason. Watch for Shara to return on 10/17/2022, the five-year anniversary of Queen Takes Knights.

Long live House Isador!

8 thoughts on “WTFIJWN

  1. OMG I AM SOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!! I think I just went into shock and now I am hyperventilating!!!!

  2. Awesome news. I can wait on Sharan Daire for now. Whatever has your MOJO working you go babe!

  3. I absolutely love ALL of your Queen stories! I’d be totally happy with all kinds of side queen stories and branches!! I say write what you are inspired to write. I’m also enjoying your Her Irish Treasures series too.

  4. Good luck, with what your doeing! I can’t wait for more – but I love re-reading them all when you launch new work. Keep it up! I signed up for everything (Goodreads, Amazon and your own newsletter).

    1. So did I! I signed up for it all! I can’t wait until more merch comes out. I really want some covers and hoodies. I live in Iowa so having some House of Isador winter friendly stuff will be so nice! Pajamas would be even better! *Squeal*

  5. You would totally rock a Hades rewrite! Just because there’s a lot of them, does not mean we 1)don’t love them and 2) can’t get enough of them when great authors write them. We’ll respect your decision if you decide not to, but I know I was all for Queen Takes Death when I saw Blood Moon Rising was going to have your contribution with this book! Happy writing all around though and Blessed Be.

  6. What’s happening with the Vicious series? I read the first book and am patiently waiting for the next one. I love your work, I’m sorry for the personal issues in your life disrupting your peace. I hope the New Year brings about more peace and contentment in your life🤗🐶😀😎

  7. I just started reading Knocked Up after flying through Broke Down in just over a day. I fell in love with these guys instantly! So I went on a search to learn your other pen name. Thank Jay-sus I found it! I haven’t read any of your books. I was SO excited to learn I have all these dark, sexy books to read! I can’t wait!

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