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The Rose of Shanhasson – Review

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I was thrilled when Krista won a copy of The Rose of Shanhasson. I’ve known her a long time through her blog and she was very kind to help me with Letters before I entered it in the Brava contest. Not only has she already read it, but she wrote up a terrific review here!

I kept trying to scroll down, certain there had to be more. Of course, there is, but it’s not in this story. Although I don’t have it on the author’s authority, I’m pretty sure the continuation is under construction in Gregar’s book. If it’s not, I may have to shake Joely up just a little, because this story is far from over…

Indeed, “Gregar’s Book” is coming right along, formally titled The Road to Shanhasson. If I write faster, we’ll hopefully have it out this fall.

Thank you, Krista!

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