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Too Many Computers

I think I was actually more productive when my laptop was in the shop.

I’ve been working on Gifted using Scrivner on the Mac.  The problem is…it’s a desktop.  It’s upstairs in my office.  My character letters and background are on that computer.  Lately, I’ve been getting my ideas while the laptop is handy, but I don’t want to start a new file when I’ve already got the file upstairs.  It’s not as easy to simply e-mail the file to myself (like I would if I were writing in Word).  I’m sure I can export those files to txt or rtf — I just haven’t bothered to figure out how yet.

I guess it sounds silly, but I can’t get the organization right for this story.  I can’t find the “routine” that will get me from blank page to the end.  I know it’s there — I just need to figure it out.

I’m on a yahoo group where people have been talking and asking questions about Storyboards.  I may document some of my background preparation as I build this story.  I’ve done it before, but I lost some of those entries when I moved my site.  What do you think — are you bored by process entries?  Surely it would be better than blog silence while I dink around between computers!

5 thoughts on “Too Many Computers

  1. I for one would love to see your process.

  2. Your process posts have been a big help to me more than a few times and I eagerly wait for more. They are tied with your snippets and monster stories as my favorites.

    I’m currently in the prep stage for this year’s NaNo project so I could use as much insight as you’re willing to share.

    I’ adapting Robert J. Ray’s method in The Weekend Novelist for this project. I’ve blogged about it the last several Friday Forays in Fiction posts so I won’t elaborate here except to say that I’m hoping that by taking the prep stage as seriously as the NaNo frenzy itself I’ll avoid that mid-point quagmire all my WIP get sucked into.

  3. Actually, Joely, I’m in that same group and I’ve recently gone through a crisis of faith with my writing – the sagging middles are killing me. I’ve never been much of a plotter but when they started talking about storyboarding I started looking into it, and now I’m excited about my stories again. I’d love any additional input you’re willing to give on the subject.

  4. Oh, yes, please! I love your process posts! And I agree with Joy Renee — they tie with snippets and monster storie as my favs. :mrgreen:

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I’ll post about it starting today and through next week. I don’t know how far we’ll get. We’ll just play by ear!

    Liz, sagging middles kill me too. I like to have a big turning point in the middle, just to give me something to write to!

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