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Storybuilding 1: The Vision

My major project for the fall is a follow-up novel to Dear Sir, I’m Yours for Conn’s brother, Victor Connagher.  When I begin a story, there are a few things I need to know in advance. 

Working Title:  Gifted

Target:  Samhain

Target Length:  70K

Genre:  contemporary erotic romance with elements of BDSM

Protagonist:  Victor Connagher.  Yes, I know it’s rare for the hero to “star” in a romance, but he has the most to lose in this story and the largest character arc, although the heroine has a very strong, important role.

Love Interest:  Shiloh Holmes.

Setting:  Dallas, TX

This is all basic information.  The KEY information that will decide the rest of the story is the THEME. 

The theme is the promise I’m going to make to you.  Every character in the story will prove the theme.  Every scene will illuminate the theme in some way or it will be cut.  The antagonist(s) will prove the opposite, dark side of the theme; the supporting characters will help the main characters prove the theme. 

Theme will drive every single aspect of the story.

For this story, my Beloved Sister provided the theme.  She told me every time she listened to Time is Running Out by Muse, she always thought of Shiloh.  Absolutely, Sis. 

I won’t let you bury it.  I won’t let you smother it.  I won’t let you murder it.

Or in other words, 

Victor must learn that revealing his deepest, darkest, most hidden needs to a loved one frees his heart and soul.  Burying–and denying–those needs will only murder his soul.

Next up, characters.

4 thoughts on “Storybuilding 1: The Vision

  1. Cool! I love your use of THEME to guide you through building the story from start to finish. This is why I love your process posts — I always learn something! 🙂

    BTW, I’m going to Dallas in late October — let me know if you need pics of something or need me to check out a restaurant or something. Be happy to oblige… 🙂

  2. Love this…thanks for sharing it Joely. 😀

  3. Bethanie, Dallas is such a cool city! I’ve been there a couple of times so I think I have enough — but I’ll holler if something comes up!

    You’re welcome, Sherri! Hopefully this doesn’t get too boring.

  4. Thank you Joely, I’m very excited to see how you handle this process.

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