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Victor: Hurt Me So Good

The title I’m going with for now:  Hurt Me So Good.  I’m sure we’ll go through dozens of new ones, but this title says so much about the book.  It’s really perfect in a lot of ways, and stays true to the personal structure of Dear Sir, I’m Yours.

I’ve made two complete revision passes through Victor’s book, growing it slightly to 73.5K, a nice, meaty read.  I decided to keep the blog idea and added a few crucial posts to the story, similar to Rae’s letters to Conn.  The blog plays a crucial part in the external storyline, so I thought it fit, and it let me mix in some humor and layers of character.  

In the mix of revising Return to Shanhasson and the Maya story, I forgot how much I love this book.  Whew, baby, does Victor smolder.  Shiloh is unlike ANY heroine I have ever written before and I love her to pieces.  I wish I knew her in real life.  Sometimes I had to close my eyes in order to type her dialogue because she takes great pride in telling Victor exactly what she wants in brutal, dirty detail.  *snickers*

And Victor, well.  Let’s just say even Gregar is saluting him with his rahke

All that remains is the synopsis, and a few beta reads if anyone is so inclined.  My usual warnings and caveats:  my editor hasn’t gotten it yet and things may change after she makes her edit requests.  I don’t want a critique — just a read and judgment of enjoyment factor, although if you catch a typo, I’ll be ever grateful. 

This book is erotic romance–including BDSM, rough language, and the use of a riding crop–and NOT for the faint of heart.  If you’re still interested, e-mail me.  I reserve the right to decline if we’re not a good fit or if I’ve already received enough offers.  I’ll trade full reads with writers and give a final electronic copy to readers, as well as thank you in the dedication.

14 thoughts on “Victor: Hurt Me So Good

  1. Let’s just say even Gregar is saluting him with his rahke. — LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. You may have forgotten how much you love Victor. We did not…

  3. Memememe!


    Ahem. Sorry. *sheepish grin*

  4. They both look interesting, and if you’re into them, I’m sure I’ll enjoy as well!

  5. Oops, meant for the preceding post!

  6. As to Victor, the shorts were fabulous. I’d love to beta for you, if you need someone else. I’m certain you have volunteers out your ears!

  7. well anything that Gregar salutes is a CLEARLY Must Read!! 😈 would love to beta read, of course, if you are not already swimming in offers. :mrgreen:

  8. how does one beta read ? yay it may be a stupid question but hey I’m newish around these parts 🙂

  9. thank you so much, everyone! As of right now, I think I have plenty. If I didn’t contact you, don’t despair – you’re my precious backups!

    Jennifer, it varies depending on the author/book/situation. For me, I’m more looking for general enjoyment. Did anything seem jarring or out of place or confusing? Did I continue the feel/vibe of Dear Sir enough, but is Victor still different from Conn and interesting? etc.

    Sometimes things are so clear in my head but I fail to bring them down to the words! That’s really the kind of hole I’m most looking for.

  10. Great title! It is going to be a wonderful read!

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  12. Gah, sorry Joely, been busy for a bit so haven’t been making the blog rounds but I would LOVE to beta read Hurt Me So Good if you’re still looking for Betas!

  13. I see. that was great explaining Joely now I’m on the same page 🙂

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