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When The Going Gets Tough…

The tough get going.

So I hit the alarm at o’dark and early this morning.  Enough is enough.  Sig will be done.  I will beat him within an inch of his life until I finally hit “the end.”  Ironically, that’s not what he’s afraid of.  Not at all.

I’ve made a commitment to get this book finished, polished, and submitted by the end of Feb.  Earlier if I can finish it.

I have too many projects stacking up.  Sleep will have to wait for another year.

5 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Tough…

  1. Hugs, Joely–you can do this!

  2. Wait a go Joely! You can do it!

  3. *roots* Go, Sis! Make that sassy assassin face his fears!!

  4. Go get ‘im, Joely! Unleash your writing tiger!

  5. Go you! You can do it!

    I’ve decided that sleep is the one thing that’s not going to get procrastinated this year. I really need to take better care of me.

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