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Winner – Make Me Write the Book

Sorry for the delay in picking the winning title for the next zombie romance (original post here).  You gave me lots of great ideas!  It was a close race, but it looks like The Mummy’s Captive Witch has the most votes.

The prize I intended to give away was a Hope for Joplin T-Shirt.  Unfortunately, I found out that I’d have to order 12 of them since it’s been so long since the original fundraiser.  Sigh.  That’s a little out of my budget!  So how about I offer a $15 gift certificate instead to the winner?  I ran all comments through the pick giveaway winner and it kicked out….

Molly aka gutterball!

We had four people vote for The Mummy’s Captive Witch and I’ll list all of you in the acknowledgements.  Once I write the book!  :mrgreen:

Thank you to everyone who gave me ideas — this one’s gonna be lots of fun to write!  However, the delightful red-haired witch is going to have to wait in line behind at least Sig, and maybe Mal and/or Mama Connagher too.  My list is getting way too long….!

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  1. Well, when you write it, I will buy it. 🙂 Sounds like fun!

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