Review: Dear Sir, I’m Yours

Tanya at Among the Muses has some wonderful things to say about Dear  Sir, I’m Yours:

Conn, imo, is the perfect Dom. He knows what he wants – control and complete and utter happiness and trust from his sub — Rae Lynn. He’s always loved and wanted her back, so after she ran, he, too, went on a personal journey of learning how to master his control. He’s attentive, caring, protective, and wants more than anything for Rae to submit to his control and give him her trust, all while quoting, Shelley, Lord Byron, Blake, and Shakespeare. *swoons* Seriously, a sexy hot, dominate Professor who can quote classic poetry while licking your inner thigh? Just sayin’.

Ha, that totally put a smile on my face!  You can read the whole review here.  thank you so much,Tanya!

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