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Dear Sir I’m Yours 10,000 Milestone

I got my Samhain royalty statement this weekend and I’ve been happy-teary ever since because Conn hit a significant milestone.  After its release in June 2009, Dear Sir, I’m Yours has sold 10,000 electronic copies!  I’m just stunned, honestly.  It’s absolutely amazing to think that more than 10,000 people have read a story I wrote.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of you who’ve read about the sexiest English teacher alive and went on to read about his wicked brother Victor…and hopefully their incredibly complicated sister, Vicki.

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Reviews from The Romance Reviews

MichelleR has written several wonderful reviews on The Romance Reviews site.  First up, for Dear Sir, I’m Yours:

Holy guacamole ladies and gents, I have another winner! Seriously, if you are a fan of masterfully written characters, smokin’ hot sex, tender romantic men and strong independent women you really need to check out Dear Sir, I’m Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart.

With tender moments that brought tears to my eyes, hysterical moments that had me gripping my sides, and Oh My Gawd moments that had me searching for a hand fan, I was up well into the night unwilling to put this amazing read down. The story was fast-paced, engaging, complex and well-rounded. Joely Sue Burkhart was a new author to me. She has talent in spades and I just can’t wait to check out more of her books.

And for Victor in Hurt Me So Good:

 I can take a whole lot of hawt in my stories. Bring on the meneges, tie-em-up, and go places only the most wicked have gone before, but the idea of sadomasochism wasn’t revin’ my good-read engine at all. Quite the opposite. I found myself way outside my comfort zone.

That is, until Victor and Shiloh stole my heart.

Hats off to Ms. Burkhart as she has once again proven herself a master of developing complex, likeable characters in a world most view as unpalatable.

Thank you so much, Michelle!

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Review: Dear Sir, I’m Yours

Tanya at Among the Muses has some wonderful things to say about Dear  Sir, I’m Yours:

Conn, imo, is the perfect Dom. He knows what he wants – control and complete and utter happiness and trust from his sub — Rae Lynn. He’s always loved and wanted her back, so after she ran, he, too, went on a personal journey of learning how to master his control. He’s attentive, caring, protective, and wants more than anything for Rae to submit to his control and give him her trust, all while quoting, Shelley, Lord Byron, Blake, and Shakespeare. *swoons* Seriously, a sexy hot, dominate Professor who can quote classic poetry while licking your inner thigh? Just sayin’.

Ha, that totally put a smile on my face!  You can read the whole review here.  thank you so much,Tanya!

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My First Romantic Times Review!

For Dear Sir, I’m Yours, Romantic Times gives 4 stars!   Review

This story of long-lost love coming into its own is sure to please readers looking for a happily-ever-after ending, with a little spanking and light BDSM thrown in. The grandmother is a gem.

Way to go Miss Belle!  Conn feels the need to dedicate an Ode to her.

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Dear Sir I’m Yours Review

This is an incredible back-and-forth dual (duel!) review of Dear Sir, I’m Yours, between The HEA Lover and The Geeky Lover at Book Lovers Inc.  They get into characters, go way back to the free prequel Letters and free sequel Take Me — what an incredible, detailed review!  Plus they had some awesome things to say about Conn.  *winks*

Conn… *drools*  Sorry about that, Conn is just perfect. When I read Letters I was intrigued by him. He had so much power about him, he really is a Dominant. I was under his spell! I still am in fact. I loved him even more after reading DSIY, he’s perfect! He took his time to explain everything to Rae. And such a wicked mind!! Spank me Conn Spank ME!!

Haha, I love it.  It made me laugh out loud!

Overall Impression:

The HEA Lover: I want to say: Go read it!! This is an amazing story, and if you are, like me, a newbie to BDSM you will enjoy the ride. The characters are so attaching I didn’t want to leave them. Letters is a Free read, every one should at least try to read Letters. If you love letters you will love DSIY.  You won’t regret it, I am VERY happy I listened to Susi’s recommendation, it was a perfect book for me. I cannot wait for Victor’s book to be out, I’m so excited *bouncing* I feel like I didn’t do justice to how amazing this book is.

The Geeky Lover: Agree with all the above. If you alway thought you are to vanilla for BDSM this book will change your mind. It’s such a lovely emotional story that will take your hand and approach this topic in a way that will leave your heart touched and body overheated. Take a look at Letters if you are unsure and believe me, you won’t regret it.

Thank you so much, Book Lovers Inc!  I’ll have an interview with them on April 5th, so watch for the link!

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Dear Sir, I’m Yours Review

Dr. Connagher received 5 kisses from TwoLips Reviews!

Dear Sir, I’m Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart teased me from the beginning to the end. It showed me the most intimate parts of two very lovely individuals. Rae turned into a strong woman who learned how to ask for what she wanted in her man, while Conn integrated himself back into her life. Between the secondary characters and the cunning grandmother who put two and two together, I found myself deeply enthralled and laughing at the matchmaking attempt to bring two people together who needed a push.

Read the whole review here.  Thank you, Sin!

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Two New Reviews!

First up, Conn has made a new conquest for the dark side (or is that the poetry side?) of BDSM.  KC from Smokin’ Hot Books writes:

Dear Sir I’m Yours was a beautifully written exploration into what I find is one of my top 10 fantasies of the sexy professor and naïve/innocent student. I literally was swept away by her prose and sexy professor Conn who takes submissive Rae on an exploration of her own wants and desires.

The W-2 comment made me snort coffee on my monitor (go read the full review to get the joke!).  She also reviews Holly Summers’ (Victoria Dahl’s) The Wicked West, which I loved too.

Next up, a lovely review for Defiance from Soleil Noir of Beyond the Invisible, in particular, for Storms as She Walks:

This is the most Romance-oriented story out of the lot, but there is so much more too. Joely has a knack for building bonds between her characters, both romantic and platonic. What really brought this story home to me was the dynamic of Thunderer’s regiment. The military-style banter had me in stitches and the battle scenes were beautifully executed.  The romance was a bit tame-for a Burkhart read, which usually scorches off the page- but not in an unsatisfying way. Sweet and fulfilling, it fit perfectly within the confines of its tale.

Hands down my favorite Anthology from Drollerie Press thus far. Probably the best Anthology I’ve read. Ever.

Read the whole review here including Soleil’s detailed comments for Laura Anne Gilman’s and Angela Korra’ti’s stories.

Thank you, Soleil and KC!

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Dear Sir, I’m Yours Review

From Susi at The Geeky Bookworm:

Really special about this books are the wonderful written letters in the beginning of each chapter. They brought tears to my eyes. And the poetry was heartbreaking, too. One of the best books read so far this year and I will buy more of her books ASAP.

Read the entire review here plus a great run-down of many other books.  Thank you so much, Susi!