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Reviews: Her Grace’s Stable

Two reviews for Her Grace’s Stable are in!

From Vivian Archer via GoodReads:  4.5 stars

If you’ve read many of my reviews then you know I’ve fallen out of favor with a lot of MF literature, and technically this is MMF, but usually the women in those configurations are a waste of space, too. Burkhart has always been an exception–Love her writing. Her women are intelligent and emotionally balanced–not a twit or basket case in the lot!

I was a little leery of a book that leaned as much to femdom as this one promised just because in so many of them the dommes come off as psychotic bitches–I don’t enjoy abuse masquerading as power exchange. The relationships between the main characters are definitely symbiotic and NOT parasitic.

Recently, I’ve been finding stories that feature puppy or pony play that is not humiliation driven, but rather a celebration and joyful experience. I was thrilled to find that here in HER GRACE’S STABLES. The interactions between the Duchess of Blackmyre (Violet), Cole and Arthur are beautiful. The dynamics are sexy with one gentle pony and one stallion in the mix under the direction of a firm but loving hand. This is the most sensually erotic pony play I’ve read.

The other review is 4 stars from RT Book Reviews and will be in the July issue!  “Character development is excellent, especially that of Arthur, who must re-discover his humanity.”

If you’re interested in reviewing HGS please contact me.  Thank you!

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Review: Her Grace’s Stable

The first review for Her Grace’s Stable is in!

I read the book in one day because I could not put it down. The characters and backstory were fabulous. The sex wasn’t all pony play, either, and the other erotic scenes were more to my liking. I really enjoyed the book, and would happily read more from these characters, should Joely write another story featuring them. The world is fabulous, and there are even a few nods to LADY DOCTOR WYRE (book 1 in the series) near the end of this book.

Thank you, Nicole!

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Another Guest Post, Review, and Giveaway

Today, I’m at BlackRaven’s Reviews talking about what inspires me to write.  Stop by for a chance to win a copy of Yours to Take before it releases tomorrow!

Also, BlackRaven gives Yours to Take 4.5 Ravens:

Yours To Take is a well-written, tantalizing story with engaging characters who have depth, explosive passion, raw emotions and desires, and scorching hot sex that will send shivers down your spine.  The BDSM scenes are intense and sensual, while the love scenes are endearing and everlasting.  There were times that I simply wanted to weep for these enigmatic characters who were struggling to find their Happily Ever After.  Ms. Burkhart has penned an enticing story with sensual, explicit BDSM scenes and heartfelt love that you don’t want to miss.

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Review: Golden

A new reviewer (to me!):  Riane of Kinky Book Reviews gave Golden a shot:

A few days ago, I had never heard of an author by the name of Joely Sue Burkhart. A friend recommended a book that had recently come out by her, so I decided to check it out. It took me a couple of days before I got a chance to sit down to read the book. Now, I wish I had started it earlier.


This is a relatively short book. It was a fast but enjoyable read for me. There are some twists and turns that I did not expect. The sex scenes were quite good and fit into the storyline. The characters were interesting. The book was set in China which was different for me.

Thank you, Riane!

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Review: Golden, a Top Forbidden Favorite

What a wonderful review from Tanya at The Forbidden Bookshelf, who makes Golden a Top Forbidden Favorite!

Seduction, passion, pain/pleasure, and machinations bring Golden to life! The uniqueness of characters and setting bring an air of freshness and unconventionality to the story of one woman who will give her entire being to the one man who can painfully fulfill her sexual desires and aspiration for her future. The Emperor alone can make Jin soar, and Jin alone can free the repressed desires of an Emperor who craves to be the man he is with the one person who can accept for who he is: Jin.


For anyone who has not read a Joely Sue Burkhart book, I highly recommend that you do! She knows how to create sensual and heartfelt moments that truly captivate.

Golden is a Top Forbidden Favorite for me! Thank you Joely, for creating stories that are unforgettable!

Thank you so much, Tanya!

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Reviews: Golden

I have two reviews to share today for Golden!

First, from MinnChica at The Book Pushers:

The sexy moments were – in true Burkhart fashion – very sexy and firmly set in the BDSM world. … I was also intrigued by the backstabbing and side plots in the book with the Empress and son. The assassination plots and attempts, Jin’s need to stay one-step ahead of everyone and the secrets were another aspect of the historical time frame I found really interesting. Ms. Burkhart if you read this, please write more stories like this! Loved that, very unique and something I’ve never read before!

And from Rose at Two Lips Reviews:

The pace is fast, the dialogue is sharp, and there are twists and turns in the plot that I didn’t see coming. … I really liked what Ms. Burkhart did with Jin; she’s ambitious, determined. and stealthy, but at no time comes off as being wrong or selfish – she really wants to please the Emperor and give this man, who can have anything he desires, the one thing he doesn’t have, unconditional love and acceptance.

Thank you so much!

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Review: Golden

Don’t forget the HautTotes giveaway!

Ashia of The Romance Reviews gives Golden 5 stars!

Within 70-odd pages, Joely Sue Burkhart penned a powerful and captivating story of love and pain set in an Emperor’s court…Tension–sexual and otherwise–pervaded almost every page in the book. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Though the Emperor succumbed to Jin’s charms early on in the book, the tension of Jin’s situation at the palace, being the lowliest concubine, ratcheted up with every assassination attempt.

More than a romance, it is the story of a woman’s journey to serve the lord of her heart and to claim a place by his side, no matter the cost.

Thank you so much, Ashia!

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Review: Golden

Another review for Golden, this one from The Romanceaholic.  While the overall rating reflects her unease with certain elements of the historical era itself, she still has some wonderful things to say about the story:

Richly detailed, vivid, and incredibly erotic, they absolutely stole my breath. And combined with the various intrigues and political machinations of the various members of the royal court, this story was incredibly gripping and kept me glued to the pages from the first page right through the last. …..  It was beautifully well-written, incredibly interesting, and frankly pretty danged hot.

Thanks for giving the Emperor and Jin a shot!

Golden will be available from Carina Press next week!


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Review: Golden

A Buckeye Girl Reads says:

Golden is one of those rare novellas that is powerful from start to finish and leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve finished reading it. … I loved that this book didn’t sugar coat anything. I had this novella read in about an hour-it was just that good. I’m still not sure how to describe how powerful this read was for me, and I’m still wondering why it affected me the way it did.

Read her whole review here.  I’ll be on her blog later this week answering some questions and commenters will have a chance to win an early copy of Golden!

Thank you so much, Buckeye Girl!

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Review: Lady Doctor Wyre

Ashia of The Romance Reviews names Lady Doctor Wyre a TRR Top Pick!

The worldbuilding is impressive and just incredible! It was so real it felt I was there, and the author lets the reader into her world and experience it without info dumping. …  I love this book, and I’m looking forward to the next one in the series.

Thank you so much, Ashia!