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NaNo post will hopefully come later.  After a fun day watching/listening to Papa run around at the monsters’ school for Grandparents’ Day, guilting myself about the Evil Day Job and finally just ignoring my work computer (the perils of telecommuting — I’m always “at work”), and making yet another grocery run for Thursday’s dinner, I’ve got a grand total of 235 words.  Whooo.

The title of this entry is my new motto for the direction I’m taking my writing, inspired by Nickelback’s Burn it to the Ground lyrics.

Maybe it’s NaNo paranoia.  Or fatigue.  Or hormones.  Whatever.  I’m in a mood.  I’m impatient.  I want to be done with Shannari and on to the next project, and I have a feeling it’s not anything I’ve ever worked on before.  I want NEW.  I want to slam something, really beat the words out with characters that just blow the story away.  I want to nail it to the wall and then stand back and throw another one, again and again, just as fast and hard as I can.

Er…that sounds a little dirty but I think you know what I mean.

We got no fear, no doubt,
All in, balls out! 
We’re going out tonight,
To kick out every light,
Take anything we want,
Drink everything in sight,
We’re going till the world stops turning
While we burn it to the ground tonight.

Now I simply have to find the characters that make me live it.

Oh, and you ask, what about Night Sun Rising, the Mayan Fantasy?  Looks like I missed the boat.

I’ve been seeing many books involving 2012 and the Mayan calendar and so on.

That’s the risk with “high concept.”  Once someone else does it faster, it ain’t so high concept no more (bad grammar deliberate because I’m pissed at myself for taking too long).

4 thoughts on “AIBO

  1. Oh, now – don’t be too quick to lose faith in the Mayan thing! It sounds way too cool to give up on. And personally, I’ve never read anything Mayan related. So there. 👿

    Seriously, though — how many vampire novels have I read? Tons. Do I tire of them? Well, honey, if they’re well written: Never.

  2. Thanks, Bethanie. Mostly, I’m frustrated at myself because I had *my* idea back in 2005 when I wandered the Valley of the Shadow of Death and couldn’t finish a damned thing. If I’d written it then, I would have been ahead instead of behind.

    If agents are already sick of the whole Mayan calendar thing, I need to make sure and get that time-sensitive date out of mine. The date itself is not important to my story, but the Mayan mythology IS.

    Time is a circle, a wheel that never ends, although a new age may begin. Gah, now I sound like Robert Jordan. Really, though, the DATE isn’t important to NSR, but I need to make that very, very clear. Even if I write a fantastic query, I have a feeling it’s going to be a hard sell if they’re seeing “a lot” of them, economy in the shitter or not.

  3. I’m with Bethanie seeing as I have never read anything or even come across anything that was Mayan related…. 😕 except for textbooks. FICTION books then, never seen ’em.

    I sincerely hope you don’t give up on it, but that’s just my two pennies.

  4. I’ve seen just one other book about Mayan mythology, set mostly in a contemporary setting, and involving vampires, so I think you’re safe. 🙂

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