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More Dear Sir, I’m Yours Reviews

First, the good, from the Long and Short of It, 4.5 Cherries:

Dear Sir, I’m Yours is a revisit to the sweetness of first love, carnal discovery, and a delicious taste of erotic dom games as Con[n] teaches Rae how to trust enough to let herself fall in love (with him of course).

This is a great story to curl up and enjoy. I will recommend Dear Sir, I’m Yours, to my friends and am looking forward to reading the next book that Ms. Burkhart writes.

Read the entire review here.  Thank you, Zinnia!

Now, the bad and ugly rolled up into one from Joan/SarahF at Dear Author.  I wasn’t going to post a link to it, but everybody’s probably already read it anyway.

I had a lot of professors in college.  Some of them lectured:  e.g. at the board, back to the classroom, writing on the board and never interacting with their students.  They didn’t care whether the students sank or swam.  On the other hand, I also had some wonderful professors who managed to lecture–and TEACH at the same time.  So my use of teach was deliberate to help show what kind of professor Conn really is.

And hey, he only quotes Shakespeare once through the whole book, and Shelley, Byron, and Blake dozens of times.  Hell, even I can quote Shakespeare and I was only an English minor.  I was only a math grad student, but even though my speciality was Applied Math, I could and did teach Trig, Calc I, Calc II, and Calc III.  I should have also been able to solve a differential equation, or my professors would have kicked me out of Geek Hall.  So I think it’s safe to say that Conn could probably quote a little Shakespeare.

Anyway, here’s the best part of the review:

“…you made a blowjob incredibly hot. Conn’s “ultimate act of domination,” “his trigger,” is having Rae give him a blowjob, and when she finally does it, it is, indeed, incredibly hot. In fact, the sex is pretty amazing the whole time.”

Thank you, Joah/SarahF, and I’m sorry the book didn’t work better for you.

3 thoughts on “More Dear Sir, I’m Yours Reviews

  1. YAY for top review! :mrgreen:

    And, *sigh*. Reading a review like the one at the bottom makes me wonder why she read it if she knew she was going to have a biased knee-jerk reaction to it (did she not read the Blurb or something?) but I digress. I’m sorry Joely.

  2. Sorry for a double comment but- *I* just sort of changed my life on a “whim”. It happens. People and characters for that matter are not stagnant for goodness sakes and they damn well shouldn’t be.

    In fact…I sort of wanted to get your opinion on something. May I e-mail you with a personal matter?

  3. Soleil, I e-mailed you. Definitely, drop me a line!

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