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Dear Sir, I’m Yours Releases

Today’s the big day!  Dear Sir, I’m Yours is available at Samhain Publishing here!

So here’s a little “Story Behind the Story” post.

It all started with a photograph of Clive Owen.  My friend and accountability partner, Jenna, sent me a picture.  She was using it as inspiration for a short story she was working on, and she thought I might like it too.  Her story was for a spanking-themed anthology and she said something like, “My heroine hasn’t ever been into spanking, but she looks at him and says, if he asked, why not.”

I took one look at him and recognized him.  Clive Owen didn’t look back at me.  It was Conn.

I’d started a draft back in 2004 with an English professor named Dr. Connagher, but I’d never finished it and had no plans to do so, until I saw that picture.  My entire perception of Conn changed forever.  Because my friend had dropped that little comment about spanking, it was attached to him and his picture, and I couldn’t shake it.  What kind of professor would he be, then?  What kind of heroine did he need?

The rest is history.

So when I personally think of Conn, this is who I see. 

Dr. Connagher

6 thoughts on “Dear Sir, I’m Yours Releases

  1. Congrats on the book release!

  2. Thank you, Krista! I’m dying of excitement and nerves!

  3. Question: Any chance they’re going to release this in print? I’d love a print copy!!

  4. Oh, I remember that pic! Glad it was such an inspiration. 😀 Congrats on the release!!!!

  5. Krista, I think the standard delay until print is 10 months.

    Jenna, you definitely inspired me! Thank you, my friend, for everything!

  6. I don’t want to wait 10 months! Gah!

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