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Friday Night Lights

I was never a fan of the television series, but as Princess enters high school this year, I’m suddenly understanding the importance of football.  Even if I don’t have any kids playing the sport.

She’s in marching band and has to be at every home game at 5:15.  Plus every morning early before school, Tuesdays after school, Thursday evenings, and the occasional Sat rehearsal once contest season arrives.  For *band*.

The game doesn’t start until 7.  Maybe as the season goes on, we won’t feel obligated to be there every night, but for the first game, we felt like we all needed to be there.  So we sat through an entire football game, after standing in line at Subway for nearly 40 mins for dinner, to hear the band play 5 mins over halftime.  *rolls eyes*  Then of course she was late leaving the band room, so it was almost 10:30 before we got home.

An entire Friday evening lost to high school football and we don’t know a single player.

On the bright side, the home team won.  And using my iPhone, I was able to write another 1300 words on the PNR, bringing my total so far to 8K.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. I always loved high school football ever since Toby was playing. Heh, I was our biggest fan for all my high school years – even went to all the away games. However, I never once got into college ball. *yawn* But pro football? Yes, please.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow!

    1. If we had a kid playing, we’d be the biggest fans too and go to every away game. It’s just annoying to have to spend so many hours up at school when we don’t know a single player!

  2. We’re close enough to the high school to hear every game whether we’re attending or not, LOL. Kid #1 isn’t in any obligatory game activities but he’s still drug us to the scrimmage game. Way to go on getting some wordage in!

    1. Raelyn, I wish we lived close! The HS is about 10 mins from our house across town.

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