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Guest Post and First Victor Review

I’m at Kait Nolan’s today blogging about When the Well Runs Dry.  Comment on the post to win an early copy of HURT ME SO GOOD, which doesn’t release until 10/5!

Soleil of Black Sun Reviews is the first to review Victor:

Nobody makes my reader’s heart sting like Joely Sue Burkhart. I’m not usually one to enjoy contemporaries but with Joely’s quirky sense of humor and passion for the forbidden or the politically incorrect, I get lost in the magic every time.

Hurt Me So Good is a sweltering hot read even without the mention of crops, whips and collars. The passion between Shiloh and Victor is addictive and I do believe I’m going to miss reading about a heroine who isn’t afraid to talk dirty. She’s not a doormat. She’s not a shrinking violet or the epitome of fragility. She’s a damned proud Submissive and she totally won my heart.

Soleil also mentions Mal (Malinda Kannes, Mistress of Dallas) and I’m happy to say she will definitely get her own story, tentatively titled MINE TO BREAK.  I already know who her hero is, too, and he makes a brief appearance in Vicki’s YOURS TO TAKE.

Thank you so much, Soleil!

4 thoughts on “Guest Post and First Victor Review

  1. Ohhh…Mal gets her own book. I so can’t wait. *g*

  2. Yay yay yay!! Mal totally deserves an HEA. I swear I’m not trying to rhyme.

    Special thanks to Sherri for my favorite sub plot! :mrgreen:

  3. Mal gets her own book? Whee! That’s great news!

  4. 😀 @ SJ

    Yay for Mal. Love the title for Vicki 😀

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