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Happy Birthday, Tecun

Today, THE BLOODGATE WARRIOR releases from Carina Press!  I’m in St. Paul, MN for a business trip this week, so I won’t be checking to approve comments, RT reviews, etc. until lunch or after work hours.  The link at Carina isn’t live yet, so I’ll come back tonight and update with that link.  (Here it is)

You know my love for mythology and legend.  While The Bloodgate Guardian was loosely based on the Twin mythlogy of Popol Vuh, Tecun came to me from Guatemalan history.  He faced Pedro de Alvarado–and impossible odds.  He stood, even though he knew he would fall, as so many other people had fallen to the Spanish conquistadors.

That’s why he’s the Guatemalan national hero.

Who better to stand against evil once more when the Bloodgate opens?

I’ll come back later with the official buy link at Carina, but here’s Amazon and B&N.  Like my fan page for another excerpt from Chapter Two.

Thank you to everyone who reads, tweets, or spreads the news for me about Tecun’s release today!

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  2. Eeeee! I love it! Congratulations, beloved sister!

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