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Civil War Antho Review: Defiance

Sherri reviewed Drollerie’s Civil War anthology, Defiance.  About my contribution, Storms As She Walks, Sherri says:

I was hooked from the first sentence and pulled right along though the story. Burkhart has an amazing knack for building bonds between characters. I loved the dynamic of the regiment. I loved Meli’s strength and commitment. I loved Steadmen’s straight-shooting manner. I’m left with a soft spot for Lying Abe and Big John. This is defiantly one of the short stories I wish was a full-length novel because I wasn’t ready for it to end…despite being satisfied with the ending.

Read the whole review here.  Thank you, Sherri!

2 thoughts on “Civil War Antho Review: Defiance

  1. You are welcome. Noticed this morning it’s up on Drollerie’s site too, LOL. I so need to get an e-reader!

  2. Hah, she said some of the same things I did. Great minds, huh Sherri? 😆 You obviously have excellent taste.

    Congrats on the stellar review Joely!

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