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News Flash

We’ve really been working hard on a new title for “Letters to an English Professor.”  We’ve been back and forth through all sorts of ideas and had tentatively settled on “Make Me.”  It does have a signficant meaning in the story, but sounds rather childish and didn’t really convey the BDSM aspect of the story.  It didn’t SING. 

Angie suggested “Dear Sir,” which we’d sort of touched on with “Dear Conn” or “Dear Conn, With Love” like the famous “To Sir, With Love,” but “Conn” didn’t do much for the title.  Google is my friend (as Rae would say) and I saw the formal “Yours Faithfully.”

So combining, we have approved the final title:  “Dear Sir, I’m Yours.

Rae doesn’t really call Conn “Sir”, but it definitely implies the right mood as well as conveying the theme of “Letters.”

Woo-hoo!  Now to come up with a catchy tag line….

5 thoughts on “News Flash

  1. Great title, it’s a perfect fit. See, March is even starting out better. We even had snow (no snow day, but that’s okay). :mrgreen:

  2. Ah-hah! I love it! 😀 Good luck with the tagline!

  3. Thanks, guys! I’m really pleased with it. Too bad I don’t have any brain cells left…

  4. Wooo-hoo! Great title Joely! So glad you found one that works for you. :mrgreen: Good luck with the tag-line.

  5. I love it too. Great work! 😀

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