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Victor’s Now In Print!

HURT ME SO GOOD is now available in print!  To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed copy here on the blog.  Anyone can enter, even if you’ve won something from me before, and I’ll ship anywhere in the world. 

To enter:  I’m preparing to work on the next Connagher book.  Mal isn’t exactly a “Connagher” but she’s been friends with Victor for so long that he counts her as family.  You’l meet her love interest briefly in Vicki’s book — YOURS TO TAKE, coming May 2012 — and he has a few tattoos that I need to learn more about. 

What kind of tattoos do you find sexy?  Comment on this post as many times as you want and I’ll draw one winner using the “Pick Giveaway Winner” plugin.

12 thoughts on “Victor’s Now In Print!

  1. Dragons. Not cheesy dragons, but awesome dragons. Serpentine ones with wings. Also, I think Yakuza tats rock, but… ahem… you kinda gotta “earn” those, so probably not a good idea to show ’em off except to people you’re trying to “impress”. Heheheh.

    I like the artistic ones. They don’t even have to be OF something. They can just be designs, so long as they’re body art. Body art is gorgeous. If I had the money (or the figure, heh), I’d totally get some tattoos.

  2. Oh, and I originally came by to say…. WOOT! Victor’s in print!! Eeeeee! *does the happy dance of manic joy*

  3. I’m actually partial to tribal tats. Oooo and I go nuts for a Batman tat, too. 😉

  4. The sexiest tattoos have to be well don tribal art or artistic vines that run the length of the upper torso … yumm! … :mrgreen:

  5. Yey, Victor! I’m also a fan of tribals–the way they curve around your body is sexy.

  6. I actually don’t find tattoos sexy, as a rule. Sometimes I’ll see a guy with tattoos that I think is sexy, but it’s not because of the tats. It’s because he’s HAWT. 😉

    Oh, and congrats to Victor and Shiloh!

  7. Celtic designs in black and gray, preferably on upper arms and/or back. Hot.

    I find that when people have more than two tattoos, you can often see a theme emerging, a common link between them. All my tattoos have different meanings to me, but they all include leaves and other nature images. An ex-boyfriend’s tattoos were all about power (three entangled serpents striking at each other; a Japanese thunder God throwing bolts of lightning). One of my best friends’ tattoos are about family ties, and another close friend’s tattoos are about the quest to answer humanity’s unanswerable questions. A lot of guys’ tattoos inadvertently broadcast that they are not secure with their masculinity– this is why I find overtly “macho” imagery in tattoos UNsexy.

  8. I’m not always a fan of big tattoos, but I do sometimes think a fairly simple tribal band or similar to be attractive. What makes me laugh are the characters that actually just broadcast the wearer’s ignorance–oops! 🙂

    Congrats on Hurts So Good in print, Joely! Can’t wait for the next Connagher title!

  9. I like when guys have suble tattoos in hidden places. The guy raises his arms and you glimpse it, and then it’s gone again, teasing you. I’ve also started to like tattoos that are words

  10. I’ve always been a fan of an arm band around a very shapely bicep. Not barb wire, but pretty much everything else is pretty hot. Especially tribal like some of the other girls were saying.

    Immediate tat turn off, one around the belly button. Do guys really think that’s sexy? It makes me think of a 20 year old blond getting a tattoo on spring break in cancun when she’s already drank her weight in margaritas.

  11. If you’d like Victor in print, send me an email with your snail mail addy. I’m giving a copy to each of you!

  12. I like armband tattoos on a man, I think it’s absolutely sexy to see ink on a those biceps.

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