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Review: Golden, a Top Forbidden Favorite

What a wonderful review from Tanya at The Forbidden Bookshelf, who makes Golden a Top Forbidden Favorite!

Seduction, passion, pain/pleasure, and machinations bring Golden to life! The uniqueness of characters and setting bring an air of freshness and unconventionality to the story of one woman who will give her entire being to the one man who can painfully fulfill her sexual desires and aspiration for her future. The Emperor alone can make Jin soar, and Jin alone can free the repressed desires of an Emperor who craves to be the man he is with the one person who can accept for who he is: Jin.


For anyone who has not read a Joely Sue Burkhart book, I highly recommend that you do! She knows how to create sensual and heartfelt moments that truly captivate.

Golden is a Top Forbidden Favorite for me! Thank you Joely, for creating stories that are unforgettable!

Thank you so much, Tanya!

2 thoughts on “Review: Golden, a Top Forbidden Favorite

  1. Great review and I completely agree 😀

  2. Ditto Raelyn. *snerk* Awesome!

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